What Does It Mean When You Lose A Crystal Or A Crystal Breaks?

If you are a seasoned user of crystals, you probably already know how significant and valuable they are.

Not only because they might be rare and expensive, but because of the connection you establish with them over time.

what does it mean when you lose a crystal

In essence, crystals become an integral part of your life and your energy body.

As such, if you lose a crystal or one of your crystals breaks, it is natural to feel sad or disappointed.

You might also wonder what might have happened and whether there is a deeper meaning associated with such events.

Well, as with most things in the spiritual realm, there might actually be subtler reasons why you might either lose or break a crystal.

Let’s take a look at these reasons below.

What Does It Mean When You Lose A Crystal?

1) There Might Be A Lack of Resonance

As I mentioned above, crystals are meant to be used by aligning with their energies and resonating with their vibrations.

It is this alignment that allows you to draw its healing powers in the first place.

However, for some reason, if you are not able to resonate with your crystal, you might lose it.

This often happens because, on a subconscious level, you are rejecting the crystal that you can’t align with.

This might cause it to repel your energies and go away.

2) It Could Mean That You No Longer Need It

This is a very common reason why people lose their crystals.

Often, crystals come into your life for a specific purpose.

Once they help you fulfil that purpose, they no longer have a reason to exist in your life.

As such, they might move on.

3) It Could Be A Divine Message

Sometimes, when you lose a crystal, it might actually be a divine message. But how do you know what the message is?

Well, that depends on the type and properties of the crystal you lost.

For example, if you lose a rose quartz crystal that you were using to attract a new love, this might be a sign that you need to heal your heart chakra first.

It could also mean that someone in your life might be betraying your trust and love.

4) Someone Else Might Need It More Than You

It is often said that crystals find their way to people who need them the most.

If you’re going through a bad breakup, a rose quartz crystal might find its way into your life.

Maybe you would find one at a random place, or a friend might gift it to you.

Similarly, if you have a crystal that someone else needs much more than you, you might “lose” it only for the other person to find it.

Yes, crystals do work in mysterious ways.

5) Someone Might Have Hit You With A Psychic Attack

This is also a common reason people lose their crystals. Some crystals have protective capabilities. They shield you from the negative energies around you and also from psychic attacks.

If you didn’t already know, when someone uses occult power to harm you, that is known as a psychic attack.

However, if you have a protective crystal, it might take the hit for you and, in the process, get disintegrated.

To you, it would appear as if you have lost your crystal.

6) It Could Be A Lesson In Mindfulness

If you lose your favourite crystal or a crystal that meant a lot to you, it could be that the universe is trying to teach you a lesson.

It could be trying to tell you that you need to pay more attention to the things that are meaningful to you.

Maybe this will save you from losing other important things in the future!

What Does It Mean When A Crystal Breaks

What Does It Mean When A Crystal Breaks?

1) It Might Have Become Saturated With Negative Energy

This is perhaps the most common reason why a crystal cracks or breaks.

You need to understand that crystals can not only transmit energy but can also absorb the energies around them.

This is why crystals like obsidian and black tourmaline are so popular.

They absorb negative energies from a person’s aura, a given space, and even from psychic attacks.

So, if your crystal has broken, it could be because it has become saturated with negative energy.

It’s important to cleanse your crystals properly and regularly to avoid this happening.

2) It Might Have Been Due To Moisture or Heat

Nature’s elements have an impact on crystals, whether we realize it or not.

Things like heat, water, pressure, sunlight, and other things can damage your crystal if you’re not careful.

This is why, when you get crystals for yourself, you need to understand their properties and how to take care of them.

For example, calcite and selenite can suffer irreversible damage due to water and might break. So, it’s best to keep them as dry as possible.

3) It Might Have Been Damaged By Other Crystals

Different crystals have different levels of hardness.

As you might know, diamond is the hardest material known to humans. But there are also soft crystals like satin spar, fluorite, and chlorite.

When a soft crystal comes in contact with a hard crystal, it might get scratched and might even break depending on how intense the impact is.

4) It Might Have Completed Its Lifespan

We don’t live with this realization, but the truth is that nothing lasts forever. Not even crystals.

They have their own lifespan, which may range from a few hundred years to a few million years.

They might also have a reason or time limit to be in your life.

Once a crystal completes its lifespan, it is more than likely that it will break into pieces.

When this happens, it is best to move on and get yourself another crystal. You can return the broken pieces to Mother Earth.

5) You Might Have Overcharged It

This doesn’t happen too often, but it is certainly a possibility.

When you charge your crystal with a thought, emotion or intention, you might overcharge it by mistake.

Of course, there are a lot of factors involved here.

The properties of the crystal, the strength of your spiritual energies, the particular intention or thought that you used, and other factors can dictate how the crystal will react.

If it gets too overwhelmed due to any reason, it might break or crack.

Final Thoughts

What does it mean when you lose a crystal? Well losing or breaking a crystal can have a variety of meanings.

It’s first important to establish whether you’ve looked after the crystal correctly. If you have, then the fact that your crystal has been lost or has broken, probably has a spiritual meaning.

If you’ve recently lost or broken a crystal, I hope this article has helped you understand the meaning behind this.