A Guide To Satin Spar Metaphysical Properties

Satin Spar, which is more commonly referred to as Selenite, is a stunning crystal that has a lot of healing protentional.

Satin Spar and Selenite are actually two different crystals, but the names are used interchangeably. For the purposes of this article, I’m focusing on Satin Spar.

Satin Spar Metaphysical Properties

I’ve been working with Satin Spar for many, many years, and I have it in many different forms, depending on the reason I’m using it.

In this post, I’ll talk more about Satin Spar’s metaphysical properties and how to use it correctly. Keep reading.

Satin Spar’s Attributes

Satin Spar, which is often instead called Selenite (as mentioned above), is from the Gypsum family. Its chemical compound is CaSO4.2H2O.

It operates on a very high vibration. It resonates with the crown chakra but can also be helpful for the third eye.

This crystal has an affinity with the moon and connects with the spiritual and angelic realms. It can be great for mediums and clairaudience purposes.

This is a very ‘soft’ crystal, ranked at just 2 on the Mohs hardness scale. But what does this mean and why is it important?

Well, it means that Satin Spar is a very delicate crystal. It can be easily scratched and so must be handled with care and stored well.

It also means that this crystal isn’t suitable for water cleansing as it will disintegrate.

Luckily though, Satin Spar is actually self-cleansing, so water, or other methods, aren’t necessary.

I wouldn’t recommend recharging Satin Spar in sunlight due to its delicate nature. Using the energies of the moon is much more suitable.

As Satin Spar is part of the Gypsum family, it’s fairly readily available and it’s therefore usually a crystal that won’t break the bank. It can be found in Mexico, Madagascar, India, the USA, Morocco, and Greece.

In terms of its colour, Satin Spar is most often found in a pale white sort of colour. But you can also find it in shades of orange, pink, brown, yellow, and green.

Satin Spar is often found in a wand or stick shape, or as a tumbled stone, but it can also be found in the shape of a unicorn horn, a palm stone, a tower, in a rough cut format, or even shaped into a tealight candle holder.

Satin Spar: Metaphysical Properties And Uses

Satin Spar is a highly adaptable crystal and, as such, it has many uses.

I often use this crystal when doing a tarot reading – for example, to cleanse my cards or connect with spirit, when connecting with spirit to provide guidance from loved ones who have passed, and when doing a Reiki healing or to cleanse the aura.

Despite being so physically sensitive, Satin Spar is actually a very powerful crystal.

It is wonderful at dispelling and clearing negative energy. And this applies to the spiritual body, the physical body as well as to other crystals and objects.

In short, you can use Satin Spar to cleanse not only a person but also other crystals or tarot cards.

As I mentioned earlier on in this article, Satin Spar is particularly helpful for opening the crown chakra and the third eye chakra. But that’s not to say you can’t use it to cleanse your other chakras too.

Satin Spar can be particularly helpful at protecting empaths, or anyone else who finds themselves the victim of an energy vampire. It can protect you from their negativity and prevent you from wasting your own energy on them.

As Satin Spar is such a tranquil stone that resonates with chakras located in the head area, it can be helpful for achieving a peaceful nights sleep or for supporting in the treatment of anxiety, depression, or head pain.

If you have difficulty meditating then try using Satin Spar, it can help you to focus the mind while also calming your thoughts.

How To Use Satin Spar

Satin Spar can be a helpful crystal to keep in the bedroom to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. It’s even gentle enough to use around children and in their bedrooms.

Try keeping a Satin Spar tower next to your bed, or a tumbled stone under your pillow, if you struggle with sleep.

Or perhaps light a candle in a Satin Spar tealight holder before bed to create a zen atmosphere.

Tumble stones can be helpful to use if you are targeting a particular chakra, such as the crown or third eye, as you can place the tumble stone directly onto the area to cleanse it.

Using tumble stones can be beneficial for Reiki or other healing practices too as, again, you can apply the stone directly to the problem area.

For ensuring a good flow of energy through the chakras, or for cleansing the aura, I like to use Satin Spar in its wand format. With a wand, you can run the crystal through the energetic body to clear blockages.

I always carry a Satin Spar wand with me on ghost hunts just in case someone needs some support from an unwanted energetic or spiritual attack.

To tackle anxiety, or for help with meditation, I would recommend holding a palm stone or a tumbled stone in your hands as you slow your breath. Try focusing on the feel of the crystal to focus your mind.

To cleanse other crystals or objects, you can use a Satin Spar charging plate and simply place the stones you want to cleanse on it.

Alternatively, you can use a wand to work with the flow of energy, as I described above. Or simply place whatever it is you want to cleanse in a bowl of Satin Spar tumble stones.

Final Thoughts

Satin Spar may be a fragile crystal, but it is an incredibly powerful healer.

As part of the Gypsum family, you can use Satin Spar to aid in meditation, to resonate with certain chakras, to help you sleep, or to cleanse people, places and objects.

Satin Spar is a highly versatile, and very inexpensive crystal. It is a must for every crystal collection and a great stone for beginners.