An Easy Guide On How To Use Selenite To Cleanse Crystals

Selenite is a wonderful healer that can be used to treat a wide variety of spiritual and physical ailments.

Selenite, which is often confused with satin spar, is an essential crystal for every spirit worker or healer in my opinion as it’s so flexible.

selenite to cleanse crystals

Did you know that you can even use selenite to cleanse crystals? In this guide, I’ll tell you how.

Can Selenite Cleanse Other Crystals?

Yes. Selenite is an excellent tool for cleansing other crystals.

If you don’t have any sage or incense to hand then using selenite or satin spar is a great alternative.

It’s vital that you cleanse your crystals when you first acquire them and continue to cleanse them regularly in order to remove unwanted energy.

There are a number of ways in which you can cleanse your crystals, but using selenite has to be one of the easiest options available.

This can also be a more cost-effective method as you don’t need to keep buying dried herbs.

What Type Of Selenite Do I Need To Cleanse My Crystals?

Whether you’re using selenite or satin spar, the easiest way to use these stones to clean your other crystals is by using a charging plate, a bowl, or a wand. Here’s a selenite charging plate very similar to what I have:

You can also choose a bowl for the same purpose.

If you don’t have a charging bowl or a charging plate, then a wand is the next best thing. But, in reality, selenite in any form will work wonders.

How To Use Selenite To Cleanse Crystals

Now you know what form your selenite should be in, let’s learn how to cleanse crystals with selenite.

A Charging Plate

If you’re using a selenite charging plate, simply place your crystals on top of it.

You can leave your crystals there for a few hours and they will be fully cleansed and charged.

A Selenite Bowl

If you’ve got a selenite bowl, place your crystals inside it.

Again, leave them for a good few hours and they will be cleansed of energy and charged ready for their next use.

A Selenite Wand

If you don’t have either of the above, then a selenite wand is a good option.

And the good thing about selenite wands is that they’re pretty cheap to buy. My larger wands only cost me around £1 each.

Take the crystal you need to charge in one hand and hold your selenite wand in the other.

Next, wind the wand around your crystal and envision it being enveloped in cleansing energy.

Repeat this action a few times until you feed your crystal is fully cleansed and replenished.

selenite to cleanse crystals

A Tower, Palmstone Or Tumblestone

If your piece of selenite is in the shape of a tower, a palmstone, or a tumblestone, that’s okay – you can still use it to cleanse your other crystals.

I’d recommend following the wand method above if you’re working with a tumblestone or a tower.

If you have more than one selenite tumblestone, you could surround your crystal with them to remove all negative energy.

If you have a palmstone, you may be able to balance your crystal atop it.

Or, alternatively, do the cleansing practice in your hands, holding your selenite palmstone and the crystal carefully together until you feel that the work is complete.

What Else Can You Cleanse With Selenite?

It’s not only crystals that you can cleanse with selenite or satin spar. You can also clear energy of tarot cards and your own chakras.

Using Selenite To Cleanse Tarot Cards

Selenite is great for cleansing tarot cards.

One easy way to make sure your cards are continually cleansed is by keeping a selenite tumblestone in the cloth bag where you store your cards.

This way, the selenite can work around the clock to keep your cards free of unwanted energy.

Alternatively, you can place your cards on a selenite charging plate or resting in a selenite bowl after each use to cleanse them.

You can also use a selenite wand to cleanse your tarot or oracle cards. I’d recommend following the method I outlined above where you circle the wand around the cards and imagine the energy being removed.

cleansing crystals with selenite

Using Selenite To Cleanse Chakras

Crystals can be used to cleanse and unblock chakras – each chakra resonates with particular crystals, so using these will have the biggest impact.

However, some crystals, like clear quartz and selenite are universal healers and aren’t tied to a single chakra.

You can use selenite to cleanse all of the chakras in your energy body.

To unblock your chakra system, simply take your selenite (this works best in the form of a tumblestone, a wand, or a palmstone) and set the intention that you want to clear your chakras of unwanted enery.

Starting above your head, slowly move the crystal down your body, pausing over each chakra.

Finish with your root chakra and envisage anything you don’t need flowing back into Mother Earth. Always be sure to ground yourself after a practice like this.

Using Selenite To Cleanse Your Aura

Similarly, if something is off with your aura, selenite can help.

As above, set your intentions and then take your piece of selenite and circle your body to cleanse your aura.

Return unwanted energy to the Universe or to Mother Earth.

Take Care Of Your Selenite

So, as you can see, selenite is a very useful crystal for your spiritual practices.

It’s a stone that you’re likely to work with often so it’s important you take good care of it.

While selenite itself doesn’t need to be cleansed, there are some precations you should take to keep it in good condition:

  • Make sure the other crystal is dry: If you’re placing a crystal on your selenite charging plate or in a selenite bowl, it’s really important that the crystal is dry. If you’ve recently cleansed a crystal with water, do not bring it into contact with your selenite. Selenite does not do well with water and can disintegrate.
  • Be gentle: Selenite is a fairly soft crystal and can be damaged by other crystals. When cleansing crystals with selenite, be very careful and be sure not to rub them together – especially if the other crystal is rough-cut.

Final Thoughts

If selenite isn’t already an essential part of your spiritual tool kit, then it really should be.

It’s so simple and fuss-free to use selenite to cleanse crystals, but you can also use this stone to cleanse your tarot cards and your own energetic field.