The Kangaroo Spirit Animal: Exploring Kangaroo Symbolism And What It Means To Dream Of Kangaroos

Kangaroos are native to Australia and Papua New Guinea and they are an essential symbol for the former.

Did you know that a kangaroo can only hop forward? This has inspired Australians to use them as national symbols as the country aims to only move forward with life and time.

kangaroo symbolism

Today, let’s discuss kangaroo symbolism in more detail and look at the spiritual meaning of the kangaroo spirit animal.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Kangaroos?

Kangaroos represent jumping between timelines to manifest the reality you desire.

There are multiple timelines, each leading to a different version of reality. Manifestation isn’t half as complicated as most people think it is.

Just like a kangaroo, you can easily hop from one timeline to another and manifest your dream life.

It takes courage to dream. But, it takes even more courage to follow that dream.

Kangaroo symbolism reminds us of the infinite potential that lives inside us.

But that’s just one interpretation – let’s take a look at what else the kangaroo symbolizes.

Kangaroo Symbolism: An Overview

Kangaroos are symbolic of strength, stamina, courage, and confidence. They also represent the unconditional love a mother has for her child.

A kangaroo can cover several miles in a day. It has a bold, boisterous spirit. But, it never attacks for fun.

A kangaroo is only violent when it is threatened.

Kangaroos are one of the few herbivores that are on top of the food chain.

A kangaroo is very protective of its children, a mother nurtures her joey in her pouch for several months after it is born.

Her hormones can also pause her pregnancy if she is not ready for more offspring.

Kangaroos, therefore, are symbolic of the never-ending debate: nature vs nurture.

This spirit animal reminds us that nature gives us the ability to give birth and nurture young ones.

It is nature that has blessed us with the ability to think and choose.

Instead of fighting Nature, we need to embrace this gift and exercise the right to write our fate ourselves.

There is nothing that Mother Earth can’t give or take.

She is the ultimate deity that allows us all to live, breathe, die, and be buried in her belly.

The Kangaroo spirit animal reminds us of Mother Earth’s sacrifices to accommodate us.

It also asks us to give back to Gaia by spell work and rituals. Or by simply cleaning up your local environment and planting some trees.

What Does The Kangaroo Represent In Aboriginal Culture?

Aboriginal people use all parts of a kangaroo’s body for survival. In return, they honour kangaroos in their art and stories.

A single kangaroo can feed many families. Its body is also used as a pouch to store water.

Kangaroo skin is also used for protection during winter.

Aboriginals believe their country is a song, and every living being is a verse that makes it melodious.

They believe that creation is a continuous process. The idea that we can dream into being the desired reality stems from their belief that creation began in a haze called Dreamtime.

Kangaroos are an important part of aboriginal mythology and beliefs. In fact, many mimic kangaroos in their dances, initiation ceremonies, and rituals.

Connecting with the kangaroo’s spirit helps them honour their land, remember their purpose and realize that we are all equals in the eyes of Mother Earth.

kangaroo symbolism

Kangaroo Spiritual Meaning: Strength, Stamina, Adventure & Courage

Kangaroos use their tails as fifth legs for hopping. Their spirit encourages us to dedicate all our resources to our vision fearlessly.

Is failure a possibility? Of course, it is.

But, if you are going to assume failure every step of the way, why bother trying?


A kangaroo can cover several miles in just a day. They are full of energy and remind us to go the distance.

We’re all capable of success. We all deserve money, love, abundance, and stability.

But, how many of us are willing to work for it? The kangaroo spirit animal asks us to follow our vision and do our best to make it a reality.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the kangaroo spirit animal symbolizes hopping into a different timeline and manifesting our vision.

The kangaroo spirit animal asks us to believe in ourselves and go the extra mile in pursuit of what we desire.

Connection With Mother Earth

The kangaroo’s tail represents a need to ground and connect with Gaia.

The best way to do that is to exercise, meditate or take a walk in nature.

Many of us stay hooked on our laptops and mobile phones all day long. We’re always in our heads and rarely connected to Earth.

This can, ultimately, lead to us not feeling grounded, and even feeling confusion and loss of the sense of self.

Call in the kangaroo spirit animal to help you connect with Mother Earth.

Shift your focus from your screens to your feet and begin your journey to health & harmony by finding the physical activity you enjoy the most.

Exercising will also help you activate your root chakra, which will enable you to ground your energy and manifest powerful changes in your life quickly.


The kangaroo spirit animal also reminds us to be strong and confident.

Kangaroos represent the element of Earth, the main properties of which are strength, durability, longevity, and groundedness.

Working with the element of fire can bring immediate results. But, earthy manifestations are slow. They happen gradually over a significant period. But, these results are stable and last a long time.

Kangaroos can also give you the strength to face difficulties.

They are the perfect spirit animal to call on when dealing with a challenging situation.

They will help you work with the element of Earth and stay rooted during the storm.

kangaroo spirit animal

Travel And Transition

The spiritual meaning of kangaroos is also about travel and transition.

Those who work with this spirit animal love exploring uncharted territories.

Kangaroos can also help you transition to a different phase of life.

If you are stuck in a rut, ask the kangaroo spirit animal to help you take the leap and move forward in life.

Kangaroo symbolism is also about leaving the past behind, believing in yourself, and trusting that your soul already knows where you are meant to be.

You just need to take the next step.


The kangaroo spirit animal represents the unconditional love a mother has for a child (or the love we have for our creations).

If you are trying to get pregnant, seeing a kangaroo (especially a joey) is a positive sign from spirit.

The Universe has heard your wishes and is working with you to help you birth a new life.

Baby Kangaroo Symbolism

Baby kangaroo symbolism is about trusting your instincts and following your intuition and allowing yourself to be protected and supported by your loved ones.

A baby kangaroo, known as a joey, is born when it’s only 2 cm long. It uses its natural instincts to crawl over the fur of its mother and find her pouch.

Her mother then grows the joey for 3 more months before it is ready for the world that awaits its arrival.

Working With The Kangaroo Spirit Animal

Connecting with the Earth is the best way to connect with the kangaroo spirit animal.

This spirit can help you easily overcome your fears, trust your instincts, and move forward in life.

Many of us get too attached to our past and refuse to move forward in life.

Working with the kangaroo spirit will help you to take the leap and move towards a better future.

An easy way to do that is by working with the hazy energy that aboriginals believe existed at the time of creation.

Imagine what your new reality would look like and describe your energy in this version of reality.

Then, make changes in your life to accommodate this new energy and learn to embody the new version of yourself.

kangaroo dream meaning

Kangaroo Dream Meaning

Kangaroos usually show in dreams when your energy is stagnant, and you feel stuck in your life.

You can ask the kangaroo spirit animal to restore balance in your life and help you hop past this energy.

To dream of kangaroos can also indicate we’re feeling threatened by someone or something.

Usually, in these types of dreams, the kangaroo spirit tries to remind you of your power or assure you of your safety.

Your dreams/visions create your reality. And, you have complete control over them.

No one is there to get you or harm you.

The Universe is one big dreamcatcher. You are always protected. You are always guided.

Your spirit team is with you. Trust that you are not alone. Mother Earth is with you every step of the way.

If, at any point in time, you feel stuck in life, simply change your vision/dream and witness your reality changing right in front of your eyes.

Final Thoughts

Kangaroo symbolism is powerful and this wonderful creature is revered by aboriginal people.

Overall, the spiritual meaning of kangaroos is all about believing in yourself, trusting your vision, and allowing your natural instincts to guide you.

Know that you have the strength and the ability to move your life forward.