How To Cleanse Pyrite Crystals: A Quick Cleansing And Charging Guide

Pyrite is one of those truly captivating crystals with its gorgeous colour and the way it sparkles and shines.

Pyrite, which is also known as ‘Fool’s Gold’ is a popular crystal for attracting wealth, good luck, and success.

how to cleanse pyrite crystal

But it’s also a wonderful crystal to use for boosting your confidence. It can increase your willpower and lift your energy levels.

Pyrite can also be used to banish negative energy. And you can work with Pyrite to heal your solar plexus chakra and ensure a good flow of energy through this area.

This crystal really packs a punch and can be very useful for everyday use, but it’s very important you take care of it and cleanse your Pyrite so it continues to work for you.

In this guide, I’ll cover exactly how you can cleanse and charge your Pyrite crystals safely and effectively.

How To Cleanse Pyrite Crystals

My favourite method for cleansing pyrite crystals, or any crystals for that matter, is to use smoke.

Smudging is an excellent way of purifying your crystal collection and clearing away any negative or unwanted energy – releasing it back into the Universe.

You can smudge your crystals with incense or with bunches of dried herbs such as sage or lavender.

Whichever method you choose, light the incense or herbs, gently blow out the flame, and allow the healing smoke to envelop your Pyrite.

Pass your Pyrite crystal back and fore, through the smoke, until it seems to you that it is sufficiently cleansed.

Another great method for cleansing Pyrite crystals is to use Clear Quartz or Satin Spar (often called Selenite).

Both of these crystals are natural cleansers, so they can be used to remove unwanted energy from other crystals and objects.

This is a really low-fuss method as you can literally place your Pyrite crystals on a Satin Spar charging plate or in a Clear Quartz bowl and leave them to work their cleansing magic.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a charging plate or a bowl, you can just as easily use Clear Quartz tumblestones or a Selenite wand.

Just pass the crystal of your choice around your Pyrite and imagine the energy being removed.

Can Pyrite Go In Water?

No, I definitely wouldn’t recommend cleansing your Pyrite with water.

Why? Well, although Pyrite is around a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, it has high iron content and, if it comes into contact with water, it can end up rusting and losing its wonderful colour.

This can, in turn, have an effect on its healing abilities.

Similarly, I wouldn’t recommend burying your Pyrite crystals in soil to cleanse them as there may well be moisture present in the soil.

There are far safer methods, like those mentioned above, for cleansing Pyrite, so using water shouldn’t be necessary at all.

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How Do You Energize Pyrite?

When your Pyrite is cleansed, it’s time to charge or energize it ready for its next use. But how do you do this?

Again, there are a few methods. Just choose the one that feels best for you.

My go-to method for charging all of my crystals is to use the energy of the moon.

Simply place your Pyrite on your windowsill under the light of a full moon and the moon’s energies will do the rest.

You can place your Pyrite outside, under direct moonlight, as long as you are sure the weather will remain dry.

Remember, you don’t want oxidization to take place if your crystal gets wet.

You can also meditate with your Pyrite crystal to energize and charge it. Hold the crystal in your hand and focus on it, set the intentions and meditate on how you want to use the crystal.

Can You Charge Pyrite In The Sun?

In theory, you can charge Pyrite using sunlight.

Pyrite, due to its colour, has a natural connection with the sun, meaning it resonates with its energy.

However, I wouldn’t recommend leaving your Pyrite out in intense sunlight for a long time as this may cause it to deteriorate.

If you do want to use the sun’s rays to charge your Pyrite crystals, it would be safest to pop them on the windowsill during the day for just a few hours.

If you’re nervous about damaging your crystal, just resort to charging it with moonlight instead.

Final Thoughts

Pyrite is a really awesome crystal and it can be used for much more than just attracting wealth.

You can work with Pyrite when you are looking to boost your luck, increase your confidence, or improve your energy levels.

Whatever you use your crystal for, remember to look after it.

It’s essential you cleanse Pyrite crystals, and then charge them so that they keep working for you over and over again.

I hope you’ve found this guide helpful for understanding how best to cleanse and charge your Pyrite.