The 10 Best Protective Crystals For Empaths (With Pictures)

Empaths are those people who have a heightened awareness of other people’s feelings and emotions.

When they are around someone, they can instantly feel what the other person is feeling. Be it happy, sad, miserable, or joyful.

Protective Crystals For Empaths

As an empath myself, I know that this can be both a blessing and an overwhelming ability.

It could be a blessing in the sense that it helps you understand what others are going through, and you can lend a helping hand.

But it can also be quite overwhelming. You constantly pick up all sorts of feelings from your surroundings, and that can quickly drain you. I personally found it exhausting to work in an office for just this reason.

So, if you are an empath too, you need to learn to protect yourself. You need to safeguard your energies from the lower vibrational frequencies of other people. And what better way to do that than by using crystals?

Below, I am going to talk about some of the most powerful crystals for empaths.

1) Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline Crystals For Empaths

Black crystals are usually the most effective at protecting you from negative energies, whether you’re an empath or not.

Their unique energy signatures can dispel any negativity around you and even form a shield around your aura. This is what black tourmaline does.

It even absorbs negative vibes and converts them into positive ones.

As an empath, you should always carry this crystal wherever you go. Simply place it in your backpack or your pocket or wear it as an item of jewellery.

I always kept a piece of black tourmaline on my desk when working in an office and it really helped. Just remember to cleanse it regularly.

2) Clear Quartz

clear quartz Crystals For Empaths

When it comes to protection crystals for empaths, clear quartz has to be on top of everyone’s list.

It is popularly known as a master healer as it heals and dispels any negative energies in your aura (and overall energy body).

It also forms a shield of white light around your body which deflects any evil intentions or vibes coming your way.

Plus, clear quartz also gives you clarity. This can come in handy when too many emotions in your surroundings are muddying your mind.

3) Selenite

selenite Crystals For Empaths

Selenite is a great protective crystal for empaths. It protects you by raising your own vibrations.

When this happens, the lower vibrations that come your way have no effect on you.

It’s like throwing a tennis ball at a concrete wall. The wall is not affected in any way.

Plus, selenite is great to have when you are feeling heavy or stuck. This happens to empaths a lot when they are in crowded spaces.

And having selenite on them can keep their mind steady and still.

4) Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz Crystals For Empaths

There’s no doubt that smoky quartz is one of the most effective crystals to protect empaths. It absorbs negative energy and replaces it with calming vibes.

It also takes excess negative vibes and sends them down to Mother Earth to be absorbed.

Plus, this crystal boosts mental clarity, strength, and stability. As an empath, this can be extremely helpful to you.

After all, when you are experiencing other people’s emotions, you can get confused about how you actually feel.

So, by protecting you from overstimulation, smoky quartz brings clarity and a feeling of being grounded.

5) Fluorite

fluorite Crystals For Empaths

Fluorite is a beautiful stone and is extremely protective in nature.

It balances your energies from the inside out and brings in a sense of calm, peace, and harmony.

You feel centred, balanced, and grounded. All of this can really help an empath.

Also, fluorite can have a detoxifying effect. It can release negative energies in your mind, body, aura and overall energy body.

When this happens, you get rid of any negative feelings you might have absorbed from other people.

If you carry it with you, it will prevent you from absorbing bad vibes in the first place.

6) Shungite

shungite Crystals For Empaths

Shungite is another black stone that is extremely capable of protecting empaths.

Like black tourmaline, shungite absorbs negative energies and protects the user from bad vibes.

Shungite also has a detoxifying effect. It cleanses the entire system and directs negative energies down into the ground.

It is so effective in diverting harmful frequencies that many people even use Shungite to protect themselves from EMF (electromagnetic fields).

7) Black Obsidian

black obsidian Crystals For Empaths

Black obsidian is popular for its protective properties. It forms a shield around a person’s aura if they happen to have it on their body.

This can come in handy when you have to be around too many people. Working with black obsidian can prevent empaths from being drained and feeling overwhelmed.

This crystal is also great for warding off energy vampires. As an empath, I often find myself a particular target for these types of people.

Black obsidian also has grounding effects. This can obviously help empaths feel balanced, but it can also help them sleep better.

8) Hematite

hematite Crystals For Empaths

Another beautiful black-ish stone, hematite has similar properties to black obsidian and shungite.

It cleanses any negative frequencies that might have stuck to your aura after being around other people.

It also makes you feel connected to the planet, which can come in handy when you are picking up on too many thoughts and feelings from your surroundings.

Hematite has the additional benefit of making you feel more confident and secure in yourself.

9) Angelite

Angelite can help empaths in a unique way that other crystals on this list cannot. It helps empaths go into a meditative state and connect with their guardian angels.

When they do this, they not only receive divine guidance but also divine protection. This brings a feeling of peace and calm.

It even shows empaths the best ways to deal with difficult situations.

Perhaps the most awesome benefit of angelite is that it helps empaths understand other people’s feelings and emotions in a detached way. This protects an empath’s energies and sanity!

10) Black Kyanite

black kyanite Crystals For Empaths

Black kyanite is so powerful that it can instantly still your mind, no matter what the situation is.

Holding it in your hand and closing your eyes can help you feel stable, peaceful, and still.

This is particularly useful to empaths who constantly receive a barrage of emotions.

In addition to this, black kyanite can also protect empaths from energy vampires (people who try to suck all your energy, knowingly or unknowingly).

Final Thoughts

It is a beautiful thing to be an empath, but it can also be extremely exhausting.

If you often find yourself overwhelmed after being around people, or if you attract energy vampires, then try out some of these protective crystals for empaths.