Caribbean Calcite: Meaning, Properties And Uses

If there was ever a crystal that perfectly represented the serenity of the ocean, it would most definitely be Caribbean Calcite.

As its name suggests, this gorgeous Calcite crystal exudes the captivating beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

Caribbean Calcite

This, combined with the fact that it has powerful metaphysical properties, makes it a popular choice among crystal enthusiasts.

In this article, I’m going to go deeper into Caribbean Calcite properties and its various uses.

Caribbean Calcite Meaning

As I said above, this crystal perfectly symbolises the serenity of the ocean. Its energies instantly make you feel calm and help you understand what true tranquillity is.

In today’s world, where we live such fast-paced lives, this crystal gives us a message that life is not all about work or being stressed all the time. We should also take time out and appreciate the immense beauty that surrounds us.

Caribbean Calcite Properties


Caribbean Calcite’s colour ranges from pale blue to vibrant aqua. It also contains streaks of white or brown, which adds to its allure.

Also, depending on the variant, you could either get an opaque Caribbean Calcite or a translucent one.

Mineral Composition

In terms of mineral composition, Caribbean Calcite is a curious crystal. It is composed of two different forms of calcium carbonate: Blue Calcite and White/Brown Aragonite. So, its chemical formula is CaCO3, which means it is composed of Calcium, Carbon and Oxygen.

But that’s not all. This mineral also has traces of Copper, which gives it its distinctive blue colour.


On the Mohs scale of hardness, Caribbean Calcite gets a rating of 3. This means that it is a soft crystal which is prone to scratches and abrasions.

Countries of Origin

Caribbean Calcite was discovered only recently (in 2019) and is only found in Pakistan… despite its name.

Zodiac Signs

Caribbean Calcite resonates quite well with people who are born under watery zodiac signs, particularly Cancer and Pisces.

As you may already know, Cancerians are known for their nurturing and empathetic nature, while Pisceans are known for their intuitive and imaginative qualities.

Associated Chakras

This is one of the most impressive Caribbean Calcite properties. It connects to and activates the third eye and crown chakras. Since these chakras have a mystical nature, you can imagine just how powerful this crystal is on a metaphysical level.


According to numerology, Caribbean Calcite is linked to the number 3. This number represents creativity, intuition, joy, self-expression and expansion.

Ruling Planets

Caribbean Calcite is ruled by the planet Venus. This isn’t surprising at all since Venus represents love, harmony, aesthetics and so on. These are the qualities that this crystal emanates effortlessly.

Associated Element

I am sure you might have already guessed which element Caribbean Calcite is associated with. The answer is water.

In spirituality, water represents emotions, intuition and fluidity. And this crystal not only encourages emotional healing but also strengthens your intuition and helps you achieve more fluidity in the way you conduct your life.

caribbean calcite properties

Caribbean Calcite Physical Healing Properties

Although you will typically hear more about the metaphysical properties of Caribbean Calcite, it definitely has some impressive physical healing abilities as well. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

  • This crystal is great at enhancing the body’s natural healing processes. If you are recovering from injury or some other physical ailments, this is the crystal to use to speed up your recovery.
  • Since this crystal works on the third eye chakra, it can effectively alleviate your headaches and even migraines. Regular use of this crystal can even keep these ailments at bay.
  • Not many people know this but blue Caribbean Calcite also supports the respiratory system. It is believed to alleviate respiratory issues such as asthma, allergies and coughs. It can also promote clearer breathing and overall respiratory health.
  • The energies of this crystal have a soothing impact on the body, much like how the ocean’s waves have a soothing impact on us when we are submerged by them. As such, you can also use this crystal to ease muscle tension and cramps

Caribbean Calcite Metaphysical Properties

Caribbean Calcite connects to the third eye and crown chakras, which are two of the most mystical chakras in the body. Naturally, this crystal is packed with a lot of metaphysical healing properties. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

  • The calming energy of this crystal works wonders at soothing emotional wounds, bringing comfort during times of emotional upheaval and facilitating the release of negative emotions.
  • This crystal also enhances your communication and self-expression. As such, you find it much easier to speak your truth and express even the most complex thoughts and emotions.
  • Caribbean Calcite is said to heighten intuition and psychic awareness by stimulating the third eye chakra.
  • It can also assist in deepening your spiritual practices and connecting with higher spiritual dimensions by opening up your crown chakra.
  • Caribbean Calcite’s gentle energy fosters feelings of compassion and empathy, which can help you understand and relate to the emotions and experiences of others.
  • Another important effect of this crystal is that it inspires creative thinking and artistic endeavours. This allows you to tap into your imagination and express yourself creatively.

Caribbean Calcite Uses

Due to its beauty and immense healing energy, Caribbean Calcite has many different uses. Let’s take a look at some of these below.

1) For Decorative Purposes

This is one of those crystals that you just can’t get your eyes off of – I’ve had a piece on my desk for weeks and it always makes me smile.

With its striking blue hues and unique patterns, Caribbean Calcite makes a beautiful addition to any crystal collection or home decor.

You can display this crystal in your living room, bedroom, dining table, kitchen, garden, backyard, or any other place in the home. It will definitely enhance the aesthetics of your entire space.

2) For Crystal Grids And Energy Work

Caribbean Calcite’s intense energies make it a valuable tool for crystal grids and energy healing practices. It can amplify your intentions, protect you from harmful energies, help you connect with divine consciousness, heal other people, heal yourself, and also aid your spiritual growth.

3) For Meditation

Caribbean Calcite is one of the best crystals to open up your third eye and crown chakras.

If you use it in your meditation, it will help you raise your consciousness and stimulate divine energy to rise from the base of your spine to your crown chakra. This not only intensifies your meditation but also allows you to understand the true nature of reality.

Caribbean Calcite FAQs

Is Caribbean Calcite Rare?

It is pretty rare. We’ve only known about this type of Calcite for a few years and it can only be mined from one place – Pakistan.

Caribbean Calcite Price Range: Is It An Expensive Crystal?

Despite its rarity, Caribbean Calcite isn’t particularly expensive. I picked up my tumblestone for less than £10 on Etsy.
Obviously the larger the formation you buy, the more it will cost.

Final Thoughts

Caribbean Calcite is a gorgeous healing crystal that exudes tranquility.

This crystal has quickly become a key player in the crystals I work with regularly as I just love its calming energy.

I hope this guide has helped you understand a little more about Caribbean Calcite and how it can be beneficial for you too.