10 Stunning Red Healing Stones (And Crystals What They Do)

Healing crystals have a multitude of purposes and can help with physical, mental and spiritual health.

But each crystal will have its own set of properties and uses – and will work with different physical areas of the body and energy fields within the body.

Red healing stones tend to resonate best with the root chakra.

Red Healing Stones

The root chakra, which is sometimes also known as the base chakra, connects us to Mother Earth and keeps us grounded allowing us to feel strong and stable. It is also the source of our sexuality and desire, as well as our other basic human needs.

While red healing stones can work to open, cleanse, and balance the root chakra, they can also be used for other areas of the body, and for many other purposes.

Let’s explore them:

Red Jasper

I’m starting this list with one of my favourite red healing stones – Jasper.

Jasper is my go-to stone for any matters related to the root chakra. It resonates perfectly with the energy field and helps support grounding.

It helps to balance emotions and energies, to bring a sense of peace and tranquillity.

This crystal is also excellent to rely on when times are tough. If you need the strength and the courage to face a certain situation, Jasper can help you. It will help to protect and keep you safe while absorbing energy which is negative.

Jasper is perfect for absorbing pollution too – both environmental and electromagnetic. And it can help with reinvigorating both physcial and sexual energy.

Red Calcite

Red Calcite is a powerful healer, despite it being fairly inexpensive, and so ready available.

It can provide support with various aches and pains throughout the body including: constipation, joint pains, limb pains and issues with the hips and the feet.

Red Calcite is a great stone for women as it aids with both the reproductive system and during pregnancy and childbirth.

Just like Red Jasper, Red Calcite also offers the user courage and strength. It can also be used to heighten your spiritual awareness and connections.

As well as working with the root chakra to help ground you or set boundaries, you can also use Red Calcite for the heart chakra to help to improve emotional awareness and intelligence.

Top tip: If your child is a little hyperactive, Red Calcite can help to instil some calm.


Ruby has to be one of the first read healing gemstones that springs to mind – and it’s easy to see why as this crystal is stunning.

Not only is Ruby beautiful, but it is also capable of providing strong healing.

Just like Red Calcite, Ruby also works really well with the heart chakra. It can boost self-confidence and help to balance and heal emotions.

Did you know that Ruby can be a great crystal to keep nearby while you sleep? This is because it encourages more pleasant dreams.

Ruby is often considered to be a fortunate stone – this translates to being lucky in wealth but also being fortunate with your health and wellbeing.

This beautiful crystal is perfect for reigniting the fire into your life and rekindling passion in which ever area of your life you need it to whilst also boosting your energy.


Carnelian, in my opinion, is a must-have for every crystal collection as this red healing crystal is so versatile and uplifting.

This stone is a great physical healer a it helps to balance the body’s energy. It can help with fatigue and exhaustion. It can also help to lower blood pressure.

For centuries, Carnelian has been linked to female energies through the menstrual cycle and as such it’s an ideal stone to work with for fertility. It can also be used to increase the libido.

Carnelian oozes creativity, so if you need some inspiration for a project, be sure to work with Carnelian. It can also help with confidence in various situations.


Garnet is a gorgeous healing crystal that can be used for achieving success.

As with many of the other red healing stones in this list, Garnet helps to instil balance – both physically and mentally.

And it has the power to transmute negative energy, making it a powerful healer of the mind.

Garnet is a great stone if you are looking to get the creative juices flowing again.


Cinnabar isn’t a crystal you’re likely to come across very often, but it’s worth mentioning for the purposes of this article.

This stone is well-known for its transformative properties and is powerful when used on the path of self-discovery. It dispels negativity and aids in manifestation.

Cinnabar can help to awaken the root chakra, and Kundalini energy, to improve romantic relationships and help the user lose any inhibitions – becoming more confident in their sexual life.

Red Agate

Red Agate works in harmony with the root chakra to keep you grounded and stable.

If you are in desperate need of a confidence boost, then turn to Red Agate for self-confidence and strength (both physical and mental).

It can be a helpful stone for anyone studying as it can support increased intellect and learning. And, like Carnelian, it is great for creativity.

Red Aventurine

Red Aventurine works wonders with the physical body – supporting the heart and bloodstream, balancing hormones and aiding with fertility, and supporting the immune and nervous systems.

This red healing crystal can be used to call upon the life force and to achieve the dreams you are trying to manifest.

It is also beneficial for battling fatigue and speeding up the metabolism.

Red Beryl

Red Beryl, also known as Bixbite, is another less common stone, but it definitely warrants being on this list as it has amazing healing abilities.

This stone is known to support conditions related to the lungs such as asthma and emphysema – but please remember that it should never replace whatever has been prescribed by your doctor.

Red Beryl can provide great support for those who are overly stressed or fatigued. It is a soothing crystal, not only for the body and mind, but it can be used to soothe relationships too.


Rubelite, also known as Red Tourmaline, is a wonderful crystal for using with the heart chakra.

It opens us up to self-love, to enjoying loving relationships, and to love for the Universe as a whole.

Rubelite also works with the root chakra to ignite our passions, desires, and life force which can be applied to all areas of our lives.

Final Thoughts

There are many wonderful red healing crystals in the world with many of them working with the root and heart chakras.

Whether you’re looking to find more self-confidence, reignite your passions, or ground yourself – I hope this article has helped you understand how different red gemstones can help you in achieving what you’re hoping to achieve.