Rose Quartz Vs Morganite: What Are The Differences?

Pink crystals are some of the most commonly available crystals in the world.

You will surely find a handful of these in every crystal practitioner’s collection.

rose quartz vs morganite

Since these are often used for emotional healing and matters of the heart, many people look to get the perfect pink crystal for themselves.

In this regard, rose quartz and morganite are two of the most popular.

But since they look similar, people often get confused trying to tell them apart.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll talk about how you can tell the difference when looking at morganite vs rose quartz.

Rose Quartz Vs Morganite


Rose quartz’s pink hues can range from very light to medium dark.

It also has a milky surface due to the presence of certain impurities in it. Therefore, it has a much softer shine.

Morganite, on the other hand, has excellent clarity and transparency.

As such, it appears quite lustrous. This is why it is commonly used in jewellery.

It also comes in a wider range of pink hues than rose quartz (ranging from pale pink to rosy pink).

Also, while rose quartz is most often found in cabochon cuts, morganite can commonly be found in pear and marquise cuts (although it can have any cut due to its transparency and lustre).

Mineral Composition

Rose quartz is made up of silicon dioxide molecules. Depending on the hue of a rose quartz crystal, it might have trace amounts of iron, titanium, manganese and chromium.

Morganite is a variety of the mineral beryl and it is mainly composed of beryllium, aluminium and silicon dioxide.

Depending on the hue, it might also contain manganese, caesium and lithium.


The hardness of a crystal or stone is the measure of how durable it is.

Crystals that have a lower hardness are easily scratched or damaged and need more delicate care as a result.

Rose quartz has a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. This makes it a pretty durable stone.

However, morganite surpasses it with a rating of 7.5 to 8.

Countries of Origin

Rose quartz can be found throughout the world.

The finest quality rose quartz can be found in India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Namibia and some parts of the US (California and Maine).

Morganite, too, can be found all over the world and is chiefly mined in Afghanistan, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Mozambique and some parts of the US.

rose quartz vs morganite


Rose quartz has a long history that dates back thousands of years.

In fact, rose quartz beads dating back to 7000 BC have been found in Iraq. This means they were quite popular during the era of ancient Mesopotamia.

Not only that, but rose quartz’s powers were heavily used in ancient Roman, Egyptian, and Greek civilizations.

Morganite, on the other hand, is a more recent discovery.

It was first discovered in Madagascar in 1910 by George Kunz.

Kunz was a popular gemstone researcher and even has a stone named after him (Kunzite).

He named Morganite after his friend and popular investment banker, J. P. Morgan.


Rose quartz belongs to the quartz family of crystals while morganite belongs to the beryl family (which includes pricey crystals like emerald and aquamarine). As such, rose quartz is more affordable.

Another reason for the price difference is that morganite is popularly used in the jewellery industry and is often the first choice of brides as an engagement ring. This gives morganite a much higher value.

Ruling Planet

Rose quartz’s ruling planet is Venus, which is not a surprise at all.

Venus is often associated with love, beauty, romance and passion. And that’s exactly what rose quartz is used for.

Morganite’s ruling planets are Venus and the Moon. This makes it more influential in terms of the energies it is influenced by.

The moon, as we all know, represents femininity and is associated with instincts, deep feelings, mental state, and calmness.

Zodiac Signs

People with different zodiac signs are attracted to different crystals and stones.

As far as rose quartz is concerned, it mostly resonates with Taurus, which makes perfect sense since this zodiac sign is ruled by Venus.

Morganite, on the other hand, resonates with Taurus and Cancer signs.

It is said to stabilize the emotions of Cancerians and help Taurus people with their inflexibility.


According to numerology, rose quartz has the energy of the number 9. As such, it symbolizes unconditional love, completion, selflessness, romance, self-love, freedom, and so on.

Morganite is said to resonate at the frequency of the number 3. This number represents confidence, self-expression, and high creativity levels.

morganite vs rose quartz

Physical Healing Properties

Both these crystals have some important physical healing properties.

Since they are heart chakra crystals, their benefits mainly relate to the health of one’s heart.

For example, rose quartz and morganite are both great at healing circulatory issues and boosting heart health.

However, there are some differences as far as physical healing is concerned.

Rose quartz can prevent thrombosis and is also used by pregnant women for protection.

Morganite, on the other hand, is great at healing nervous disorders, especially those caused by stress.

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Metaphysical Properties

When you’re talking about morganite vs rose quartz, it’s important to look at the differences between their metaphysical properties.

At the end of the day, this is what matters to most people.

Rose quartz is said to heal deep emotional wounds. People who have undergone traumatic events in their lives often turn to rose quartz to heal their hearts of the pain and suffering of the past.

Rose quartz also cleanses, balances and activates the heart chakra so that a person can become more loving and compassionate.

When used in relationships, this stone can get rid of unhealthy behaviour and spark some romance between partners.

Morganite, too, is often used for matters of the heart.

It has always been believed that this crystal attracts the “one” in a person’s life along with good luck, peace, harmony and tranquillity.

Some crystal healers believe that it even helps you remain youthful for longer periods.

On top of this, morganite can also relieve stress and is often used in meditation practices.

When used by men, it can help them balance their masculine and feminine energies.

Final Thoughts

Both of these beautiful pink crystals work with the heart chakra, but they both have different properties and features.

If you’re weighing up the differences of morganite vs rose quartz I really hope this guide has helped you.