The 15 Best Crystals For Sleep Paralysis

We shouldn’t feel afraid to fall asleep. Yet, for some of us, that’s the feeling that comes with sleep paralysis.

Although experiences with sleep paralysis can share similarities, sleep paralysis is not the same for everyone.

Best Crystals For Sleep Paralysis

But the feelings it causes—fear, panic, helplessness—are. And it’s here that we can harness the vibrations of crystals to overcome these negative feelings or prevent them altogether.

When placed under your pillow or on your nightstand, crystals, and stones can help you fall asleep, stay calm and in control, or stop sleep paralysis from reoccurring.

If you find your sleep or well-being suffering due to sleep paralysis, I’ve listed the 15 best crystals for sleep paralysis that are worth knowing and trying for yourself.

The following crystals and stones can encourage fearlessness, reduce anxiety, and ward off negative energies.

1) Hematite

Hematite is perfect to mention first, being a stone that brings strength and protection against negative energy. It’s connected to the root chakra, associating it with grounding and stability, offering a boost of strength and mental stability when we need it most.

If sleep paralysis frightens you, hematite can give you the courage to fall asleep peacefully with reduced fear and anxiety over a potential episode.

Hematite can also increase your willpower to give you the strength you need to move and gradually wake yourself up.

2) Amethyst

Amethyst is a soothing crystal, above all else, known to bring about mental clarity and emotional peace.

Linked to the crown and third eye chakras, amethyst is one of the best crystals for aiding depression, anxiety, and an overactive mind at bedtime.

There’s just more mental and emotional balance whenever Amethyst is around.

It’s a crystal that radiates tranquillity and peace, making it great for instilling a deep sense of inner calm both before and during sleep.

3) Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the crystal for confidence and self-love. We need confidence to fall asleep and self-love to reduce feelings of stress resulting from low self-esteem.

Stress has been linked to broken, light sleep, which is a factor that can increase the possibility of sleep paralysis.

As a crystal connected to the heart chakra, rose quartz is most effective when worn close to the chest. It can make you feel more grounded and relaxed, as well as safe from tactile sleep paralysis experiences, such as pressure felt on the chest.

4) Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the best stones for protection against negative energies. It can help you feel safer and more confident while alleviating feelings of low self-esteem and low self-doubt.

Being a strong protector stone, many use black tourmaline to drive away negativity by keeping it close or placing it at entrances, such as around doorways.

If your sleep paralysis experiences often occur with the sense that you’re not alone, you will feel safer and less afraid with black tourmaline nearby.

5) Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate promotes serenity. It has a soothing effect that cleanses negative emotions and thoughts, especially when they’re contributing to depression and anxiety.

Blue lace agate encourages better sleep, for those reasons, which can help you to rest easier, deeper, and without disturbances.

Renewal and positivity are also associated with blue lace agate, smoothing the way to increased optimism, joy, and a feeling of purification – a fresh start.

6) Sodalite

Sodalite is linked to both the throat chakra and the third-eye chakra, opening up clearer communication and clarity of mind. This crystal eases fears and worries, slows things down, and can help alleviate panic attacks.

Sodalite has a soporific energy, making it great for insomnia.

So, if you struggle to fall asleep for any reason, including sleep paralysis, sodalite is one of the best crystals to keep at your bedside for relaxation and comfort.

7) Howlite

Howlite is another healing stone that calms and soothes. It offers a much-needed source of comfort in times of anxiety or a fear of the unknown, working in ways to help you realise that there is nothing to worry about or be afraid of.

Like sodalite, howlite slows everything down, hushing overwhelming thoughts and softening strong emotions.

It’s these calming vibrations that can help you find emotional balance and peace of mind whenever it’s time to sleep.

8) Calcite

There are many different colours of calcite, each with healing properties that increase positivity and counterbalance negative thoughts.

But for sleep paralysis, white calcite will help remove stress and insomnia, alleviating emotional tension in favour of a more relaxed, calmer state. It can reduce feelings of anxiety and also help you to deal with panic attacks.

Just be careful to avoid orange calcite and cobalto calcite in this case, as these can amplify your energy in a way that may keep you awake.

9) Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is one of the best crystals if you tend to find it hard to “loosen up”. It promotes a sense of safety and security as a protection stone, increasing your confidence and bravery at the same time.

This makes green tourmaline ideal if a fear or anxiety of sleep paralysis keeps you awake at night.

Through its grounding and protective properties, green tourmaline can also help you to feel calm and safe should you happen to experience a sleep paralysis episode.

10) Lepidolite

Lepidolite offers inner peace and emotional harmony, bringing you good vibes in times of anxiety and tense uncertainty.

It’s a crystal that can clear emotional blockages as well, offering physical benefits that can help you to feel more in tune with your body and sense of self.

With lepidolite by your side, you will feel a higher sense of emotional balance and mental clarity, ideal if you tend to panic or feel uneasy as the night draws in.

11) Lavender Quartz

Lavender quartz is a great healing stone if you feel physical tension, just as much as emotional tension when it’s time for bed. It can ease physical pain and relax the muscles, calming your body in a way that induces drowsiness.

For those reasons, lavender quartz has a peaceful energy that puts self-care first since its high vibrations boost self-worth as well as physical healing.

If you have trouble relaxing before bed or often toss and turn during your sleep, lavender quartz can provide a soothing sense of comfort when kept close.

12) Turquoise

Turquoise wards off negative energy, especially energies that drain your strength, sap your confidence and cause panic attacks.

Turquoise also offers physical healing properties, able to calm and vitalise your central nervous system in times of shock and fear.

These benefits make turquoise a great protector during sleep paralysis episodes, with strong vibrations that help to ward off negative energies and calm you down in sudden, heightened states of fear in which the body doesn’t feel in control.

13) Kunzite

Kunzite is associated with the crown chakra and works to connect the mind with the heart and soul, paving the way for unconditional love and the ability to act with intent.

With kunzite kept close, you can, therefore, feel less stressed and more confident, which can help you to release fear and any negative feelings before bedtime.

Kunzite also helps the body recover from emotional strain, especially when it’s caused by shock or prolonged bouts of stress and anxiety. It’s both a source of support and inner healing.

14) Moss Agate

Moss agate is a stone that radiates optimism. It removes fear and unhelpful inhibitions, replacing these feelings with courage and a strong sense of permission to trust yourself.

This makes moss agate a great stone to have before sleeping, giving you the strength to trust in your ability to overcome a potential sleep paralysis episode.

Moss agate will also help you to connect to Mother Earth, providing emotional grounding and a heightened state of presence when hyperfocusing on the future is causing you stress and anxiety.

15) Lapis Lazuli

Last but not least, lapis lazuli inspires confidence, especially when it concerns speaking the truth. If you struggle with self-belief, lapis lazuli can override these thoughts with an inner dialogue led by courage and self-trust.

In other words, lapis lazuli helps you to stay true to yourself, removing unnecessary thoughts in favour of hope and optimism.

Throughout your day and before bedtime, this protection stone can empower you with the feeling that no struggle is beyond your ability to overcome.

Final Thoughts

In addition to placing these crystals underneath your pillow and on your nightstand, you can place them around your bedroom, such as next to your doorway, and hold them as you meditate or repeat positive affirmations.

You can choose one specific crystal or several crystals that most resonate with you.

You’re not alone if sleep paralysis makes you feel afraid, helpless, overwhelmed with panic, or filled with dread and anxiety as bedtime approaches.

By keeping crystals close, however, you can overcome these feelings with a greater sense of confidence, courage, inner peace, and control.