Planning for Abundance: The Best Money Tarot Spreads To Do Today

Tarot can be used to tap into money and abundance as it provides a way to connect with our intuition, allowing us to make decisions that will bring financial gain.

Tarot spreads for money help us to understand ourselves and our situations better, providing insights into where our strengths lie and what steps we can take in order to move forward toward financial abundance.

money tarot spreads

The cards provide symbolic images and messages, giving guidance on how to make the most of our resources and create new opportunities.

By taking time with the cards and interpreting them intuitively, we can use tarot to manifest money and abundance in our lives. Tarot can help uncover any blocks or limiting beliefs around money that may be holding us back from achieving success financially.

It allows us to look at a situation objectively and determine what we need to do to shift the energy around our finances positively.

Money Tarot Spreads And Finding Your Blockages

Tarot can be a great tool to help you understand where you may be creating a lack in your life when it comes to finances.

The ace of pentacles, or coins, for example, in the upright position can symbolise the beginnings of abundance and financial success.

But if this card appears in a reading reversed, it can indicate that you’re setting yourself up for future scarcity due to bad decisions or careless behaviour with money.

The Devil card is another one that could suggest patterns of spending beyond your means or it can suggest that you are engaging in activities that may lead to financial struggles down the line.

When utilising tarot for financial advice, it is important to focus on the outcome rather than the details of how it will happen.

A good strategy is asking questions such as “What steps do I need to take for more financial security?” or “What guidance do I need to increase my wealth?” This way, the tarot reading focuses on potential strategies that could bring about greater abundance.

tarot card spreads for money

The outcome cards from a tarot spread are also very useful as they provide an indication of what action you should take and what results you might expect if you go down that path.

For example, if a card representing success appears in the outcome position, then taking a certain course of action could lead to positive results when it comes to gaining more money.

Other cards, like those representing risk or challenge, may indicate that pursuing this route would require a greater effort but could still lead to abundant rewards in the end.

Ultimately, understanding what lies ahead can help guide my decision-making when it comes to creating a better future financially.

Best Tarot Spread for Manifesting Money

While there are many tarot card spreads for money insight, I’ve created one to help you understand where your money blockages are, how to overcome them, and what you can utilise to start making money.

This money tarot spread is formed in a horizontal line containing three cards.

Before you start your money spread, smudge your cards to cleanse them.

Then, close your eyes, hold your cards and start to shuffle them – setting your intention as you do. Then, draw your three cards from the deck.

Card One

The first card is in the middle of the horizontal row and symbolises current money blocks.

If you’re having trouble manifesting money, there is likely a belief at the root of your problem, or it could be that certain actions that are currently being taken are blocking abundance.

For example, if you draw the devil card here, it’s a sign that you may have a spending addiction or you may be spending your money on items that do not benefit you.

Another example is drawing the Fool card. This suggests that you could lack a true, mature understanding of how to manage your money. Instead of using experience and wisdom, perhaps you’re spending with your head in the clouds, not allowing yourself to prepare for the consequences.

Card Two

The second card is placed at the left of the centre card. This card placement explains what actions are necessary to overcome any current blockages.

For instance, if you draw the Six Of Cups, it could indicate that your need to be more willing to receive help from others.

Sometimes, the lesson we must learn is how to receive. If we are struggling financially for too long and it’s beginning to take a toll on our wellbeing, it’s important to seek help. This could be in the form of seeking financial advice or just discussing the situation with loved ones and asking for their advice.

tarot spreads for money

Card Three

The third card in the placement is positioned to the right of the centre card. Here, we are shown what talents or abilities we have right now that the Universe has given us to receive the abundance and financial security we desire.

Drawing the Three Of Pentacles here, as an example, suggests that we have a great sense of community and the ability to collaborate with other like-minded people.

When we work with others, our energy helps support a project and bring it to fruition. This card suggests that we could find others who share our interests or visions to start working on a collaborative business or project.

Final Thoughts

No matter where we are financially, there is always an energy of currency waiting to unfold within our lives. The Universe and our spirit guides will ensure we are provided for, but we do have to ask them for help.

By using money tarot spreads, we can uncover the blockages that have prevented us from experiencing abundance and find ways to start cultivating it in our lives.

Using the cards is not only beneficial for this guidance, but it also helps to signal to the Universe that we are ready to welcome abundance.