DIY Recipe: Spiritual Aura Protection Spray

I’ve recently found myself drawn back towards essential oils for healing the mind and body. And for quite some time, I’ve wanted an aura protection spray, but … when you look online … they’re pretty expensive. So, I thought I’d do a little research, lean on my intuition, and create one for myself. The spiritual … Read more

The Spiritual Meaning of a Crow

crow symbolism

As humans, we’ve developed somewhat of a love/hate relationship with crows. Often associated with Halloween, dark magic, and all things macabre, crows have developed quite the reputation meaning some people fear them and others adore them. But what is the spiritual meaning of the crow? And do these birds deserve their bad rep? Let’s dive … Read more

A Guide To the Best Crystals for Pregnancy and Fertility

the best crystals for pregnancy

Trying for or carrying a baby is a wonderful and magical time for expectant parents. But it can also be fraught with worry for the health of both mum and little one. Your medical team will be your primary resource for health and wellbeing tips throughout the course of your fertility and pregnancy journey. However, … Read more