The Best Healing Crystals For Cats And Why My Cats Love Crystals So Much

Your pet is not just a pet. It is a part of your family. Anyone who has ever kept a pet knows this.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a cat, dog, rabbit, hamster, bird, or any other animal, you want to do everything to protect them and make sure they are happy and healthy.

healing crystals for cats

When it comes to cats, you especially have to up your game since they tend to be quite playful, adventurous, curious and mischievous.

As such, they get themselves into trouble all the time! Plus, as with any other pet, they can suffer from physical or emotional ailments from time to time.

Luckily though, there is a perfect way you can help out your furry friend. If you are thinking about crystals, you are absolutely right!

Crystals work just as great on animals as they do on humans. And, you might not know this, but cats are actually attracted to crystals!

So, in this article, we will take a look at the best healing crystals for cats. But before that, let’s try to understand why cats love crystals so much.

Why Is My Cat Attracted To My Crystals?

Cats are quite sensitive to subtle energies. You might have observed your cat suddenly staring at something or trying to touch something in mid-air.

It’s just them reacting to certain energies that we can’t see or sense. They also quickly pick up on sounds that we can’t hear!

Well, the truth is that they are far more attuned to the spiritual realm than we humans.

As such, they perceive reality in a very different way than us. So, when they get attracted to your crystals, it’s because they can sense the incredible but subtle energy emanating from them.

Their curious nature makes them want to explore the crystals in all their glory.

Another reason could be that the crystals’ energies have a calming impact on their mind and body.

Just as we naturally get attracted to things, people and situations that make us peaceful, cats get attracted to crystals that make them feel at ease and relaxed.

I’ve noticed this a lot with my cats, but also with my tarot cards. Whenever I work with my cards and crystals, my cats have to get involved.

why is my cat attracted to my crystals

Best Healing Crystals For Cats

Now that you understand why your cat is attracted to your crystals, let’s take a look at the best crystals for cats.

1) Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is known as a master healer. So, you can use this crystal to heal your cat without a shadow of a doubt.

It will not only strengthen your floof’s immune system but will also heal pain and inflammation.

In fact, it will speed up your cat’s natural healing ability. This is especially ideal if your kitty has a physical injury or if you have an elderly kitty with arthritis.

In addition to all this, you can use your clear quartz to channel strong, positive emotions through it. Your cat will pick up on these channelled emotions and it will feel much better as a result.

2) Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a popular crystal for emotional healing and support. And you can definitely use it for your cat’s healing too.

If your kitty has been mistreated or abused in the past, this crystal will help to heal negative emotions and traumas.

It will make it easier for your cat to trust you and accept your love for it.

Over time, the presence of this crystal will help strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

It will not only feel comfortable with you but will actually look forward to playtime and other fun activities with you.

3) Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most effective healers for humans. And the same applies to animals as well.

It has a natural calming effect and can help your cat settle down, especially if you’ve just got it.

It is also great at healing physical and emotional pain, particularly stress, fear, grief and pining.

What’s more, since amethyst is a highly mystical crystal, it can counteract the negative radiation emitted by our planet.

Naturally, this will soothe your cat down and reduce hyperactivity. If your cat has separation anxiety, this crystal will take care of that too.

4) Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is one of the best crystals you can get to treat mental or emotional issues in your feline friend.

It is quite effective at healing stress, anxiety, panic attacks and tensions.

It creates a sense of ease in the mind and the body. This helps your cat live peacefully and get ample sleep.

Another way this crystal can help your kitty is by protecting them from harmful electromagnetic smog that is given off by power lines and electronics in your home.

We may not realize it, but this electromagnetic smog can greatly hamper your floof’s mental and emotional balance.

So, this crystal for cats will come in handy in this regard.

5) Howlite

While cats can appear confident most of the time, they can go through their fair share of doubt, fear and timidity.

This can make them rebel against you or bite and scratch everything they can get their tiny paws on.

This is where howlite comes into play. This crystal for cats is perfect for improving their confidence.

It makes your kitty brave, determined and courageous.

On the physical side of things, howlite increases cats’ ability to absorb calcium in their bones and teeth.

Obviously, this keeps them healthy and strong. It can also be good for their muscle health.

6) Sodalite

Everybody who has a cat knows how aggressive and hyperactive they can be at times.

Sometimes, it almost feels as though they are wild animals on a hunting spree (which, technically, they are!)

This behaviour can lead to lots of hissing, scratching, biting, kicking, yodelling and other types of mischief if you have more than one cat in the house.

Sodalite is the perfect remedy for times like these.

This crystal for cats can balance out your kitty’s emotional levels and help it calm down.

It can also get rid of excess energy in the cat’s body and allow it to settle down in place.

How To Use Crystals For Cats

It’s really important not to leave your cat unattended with your crystals – they can prove to be a choking hazard for nosy furbabies.

To use crystals for healing your cat, you can attune the crystal with the intended purpose and keep it in the room where your kitty spends most of its time.

If you want to do some direct healing, and your cat is comfortable with this, you can gently place the crystal on your cat’s body and envisage it healing your cat.

Final Thoughts

If you have cats and crystals you may have noticed how much your kitty is drawn to your gems – I know I have.

This is because cats see, hear and sense things that we cannot. And they are likely picking up on the powerful energy coming from your crystals.

The crystals above are great for healing your cat. Just remember to take the healing process on your cat’s terms.