What Is The Most Powerful Tarot Card? (And 7 Other Strong Cards)

Tarot cards hold a lot of powerful symbolism and have the ability to reveal the untold truths of our present and what is coming in the future.

Some tarot cards appear more powerful than others, either due to their foreboding imagery or because of their meaning, but what is the most powerful tarot card in the deck?

most powerful tarot card

In this article, I’ll explain the meaning of the most powerful tarot card and will talk you through some others that hold high importance.

The Fool

The Fool feels like an understated feature in the major arcana at a full glance, but, interestingly, many people consider The Fool to be the most powerful tarot card.

This card holds many meanings and is often thought of as card 0 – making it the first card in the deck and, by proxy, the most powerful. However, it can also be placed as the last card in the Major Arcana.

This card – in the traditional Rider Waite deck – pictures a young person, on the edge of a cliff, looking carefree. He has a knapsack over his shoulder, a dog at his feet, a white rose in his hand, and the sun is shining down on him brightly.

The Fool tarot card, upright, as the first in the deck, can represent fresh starts, new opportunities, and untapped potential.

Have faith in this new direction in your life and know that the Universe has your back. You are being guided towards better things, so embrace this with an open mind and an open heart.

The Fool moves forward in life, with only essential items on his back, leaving everything else behind him. It’s time for you to leave your worries behind you and step forward into your new reality.

This card also reminds you not to take life too seriously – something we are all guilty of as we head into adulthood. But, life is for living – it’s as much about the fun and the adventures as it is about hard work.

Always embrace your inner child and remember to have fun when you can.

The Most Powerful Tarot Card: My Personal Opinion

The Tower

For me, The Tower is the most powerful card and I say that for a few reasons.

The Tower, especially when looking at the traditional Rider Waite deck, has the most unpleasant imagery. It depicts destruction and ruin, with people jumping for safety from the burning tower that has been struck by lighting.

This card warns you of powerful change ahead. This change is unavoidable and can often be destructive in nature.

The Tower can commonly indicate change and chaos in the form of death, divorce, the loss of a job, financial struggles, business failure, health problems, damage to your home, or even natural disasters.

They are the type of changes that are often out of your control, and have a profound and lasting effect on your life and on the choices you have to make next.

Changes like this sometimes come out of the blue, just like the bolt of lightning depicted in this card, but, although this card isn’t the nicest one to draw, being forewarned can be a blessing.

Other Powerful Tarot Cards

A powerful card doesn’t have to carry negative connotations and, in fact, I think some of the most powerful tarot cards carry hope and positivity – like The Fool, in many respects.

Below I’ve included some strong cards that carry happiness and warnings:

1. The World

The World is a powerful card as it can be extremely uplifting.

This card fills you with a sense of fulfillment. Something you’ve worked hard to achieve has now concluded positively and you can take pride in what you’ve done.

Or, if what you have been working towards hasn’t yet been achieved, you are approaching the end.

The World card also reminds you that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to – and that’s a powerful message.

2. Death

The Death card is probably one of the most feared cards in the deck – lots of people dread getting this card in a reading.

Contrary to most people’s worries, this card doesn’t usually indicate death, but it does carry another powerful message.

The Death card indicates that something in life is coming to an end – that could be the end of a relationship or leaving your job – but rest assured it’s because this part of your life no longer serves you.

Embrace the change that this card brings and allow it to open new doors for you.

3. Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune card can also indicate a change in your life. This can be very reassuring if you’ve been through a difficult period as this card shows you that the winds of change will soon blow in and your situation will improve.

On the other hand, however, this card reminds us that the good times don’t last forever.

Regardless, this card wants to remind you that you are supported by your guides and the universe – change is inevitable, but you are being looked after. It’s best to let go and allow change to happen.

4. Justice

When The Justice card appears in a reading, it is often tied to the law and legal matters. This, in itself, carries a lot of power as most people prefer to avoid any interactions with the law, and legal matters can prove to be very stressful.

If you’ve wronged someone, or have done something wrong in life, then this card may appear to remind you that you will be held accountable.

On the flip side, if you are waiting for the outcome of a legal matter, this card can be a positive sign that justice will be served and a decision will be made in your favour.

5. Judgement

Judgement is a powerful tarot card for two main reasons.

The appearance of this card can indicate a large change in your life. It’s important to consider all aspects of the decision you need to make. Rely on your experience, your knowledge, and also your intuition.

If you have been on a spiritual journey, then drawing the Judgement card is a great sign that you are headed in the right direction. You are in the midst of an awakening and you are being guided on this journey.

6. Strength

I absolutely had to include this card on the list because the Strength card embodies power.

If you’ve been through a difficult time, and the Strength card appears, it can provide great solace.

This card reminds you that you have the strength and the power within you to continue on forward. You are so much stronger than you realise.

Not only that, but you carry yourself through life, and overcome your obstacles, in an admirable way. You are patient, composed and committed.

7. The Lovers

If you are focused on a love reading, then The Lovers is, hands down, the most powerful tarot card for your reading.

The Lovers card indicates a deep and passionate connection with you and another person.

So, whether you are single and looking for love, or whether you are in a relationship and looking to strengthen your bond, drawing The Lovers card in your tarot reading is very positive.

Final Thoughts

The Fool is widely accepted to be the most powerful tarot card, but, in my opinion, The Tower is even more powerful.

There are many tarot cards with strong meanings such as Strength, The Lovers, Justice, and Death. But the power each card holds for you will be highly dependent upon your reading, your own beliefs, and your current situation.