What Does Seeing A Lizard Mean Spiritually? Exploring Lizard Symbolism And Dream Meaning

Lizards are known to be survivors.

Their unique defence mechanisms of self-amputating and emerging as bigger and stronger versions of themselves after shedding their skin represent physical, emotional and spiritual growth and leaving behind what no longer serves us.

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Let us take a closer look at the different aspects of lizard symbolism and how you can harness its wisdom to progress on your path.

Lizard Symbolism

Lizards can have many colours with each colour representing different qualities that we may want to call in. For example, a brown lizard embodies Mother Earth and teaches us to focus on what keeps us grounded.

Some lizards, like the chameleon, can change colour. This represents adaptability and being able to thrive in any situation.

Lizards teach us to surrender and take life as it comes instead of forcing certain outcomes or acting rashly.

Many use the lizard to attract good fortune and protection for their loved ones.

Is Seeing A Lizard A Good Omen?

The lizard is seen as a good omen across many different cultures.

In Southeast Asia, finding a lizard in bed is believed to bring great fortune.

In Native American culture, the lizard is seen as a protector of the tribe.

Because lizards are nocturnal animals, many believe that their power can help you strengthen your eyesight.

If you see a lizard with two tails, this is considered extremely lucky.

If it is running away, let it serve as your guardian warning you not to engage in confrontational or dangerous situations as they may lead to trouble.

Lizard Symbolism Bible

The biblical meaning of the lizard is that you have been neglecting your spiritual practice. You may be feeling disconnected from God or the universe or from the people in your life. Maybe you have been distracting yourself with work, television or substances.

Remember to make time to care for yourself and connect to the meaning of life beyond the material realm.

Lizard Symbolism Native American

In Native American culture, the lizard represents dreams, healing and survival.

Children often receive lizard-shaped jewellery which is meant to protect them and help them find their strength. Killing a lizard on the other hand will bring bad luck.

Among the Navajo tribe, the lizard is believed to bring prosperity and wealth.

Green Lizard Symbolism

Green Lizard Symbolism

The colour green symbolises growth and stability. It corresponds to the earth element and symbolises a safe time to take action, like a green traffic light.

If a green lizard has appeared to you, it is a sign that you are moving in the right direction and are making great progress on your spiritual path.

Horned Lizard Symbolism

Horned Lizard Symbolism

Horned lizards are a symbol of strength and determination. Associated with the fire element, they are known to be fierce protectors of their territory.

They teach us the importance of being adaptable and to not give up even in challenging times.

If a horned lizard has appeared to you, you are likely a passionate person, letting nothing and no one stand in your way.

Know that you have the power to achieve even your biggest goals and that all that is required of you to reach the next step is just a bit of patience.

Lizard Spiritual Meaning Explored

The lizard is a true survivor. It shows you that you have a world of strength in your heart that you have yet to discover. Surrender to the flow of life and release the parts of you that are holding you back from becoming the highest version of yourself.

The lizard knows that transformation can only take place when you keep your mind and your heart open.

Prioritise the pursuit of your passions. You deserve to live a life of purpose and fulfilment.

Let’s dive deeper into lizard spiritual meaning.


When a lizard needs to escape from the grasp of a predator, it will self-amputate its tail. Over time, it will grow back but often smaller and sometimes in a different colour.

Regeneration and survival instincts are a significant part of the lizard spirit animal.

It symbolises the need to release aspects of yourself that no longer serve you. Holding on to old patterns and limiting beliefs will hold you back from becoming who you are meant to be.

Even if you feel like you are losing a part of yourself, know that a new, even more beautiful version of you is about to be born.

lizard spiritual meaning


Lizards are sometimes known as “sit-and-wait predators”. They will wait patiently for their prey to get close to them before launching an attack.

Let this be a reminder that there is no need to chase. Attaching yourself to a certain timeline or outcome will likely lead to disappointment.

Trust the flow of life and know that amazing opportunities will come your way if you stay open-minded and signal to the universe that you are ready to receive.


The lizard spirit animal’s mindset is fluid and adaptable. It does not force situations or drown in self-pity when things go sideways.

Instead, it goes with the flow and surrenders. This mindset is what enables the lizard to have the stamina to persevere through the most trying times.

Detach from the expectation that things need to happen a certain way or appear at a certain time. The lizard will teach you to appreciate the journey you are on. Know that there is strength within you that you have yet to discover.

Swift Action

When a lizard attacks, it does so quickly and unexpectedly.

Let it teach you that when a great opportunity arises, you must take it because another one like it may not come again. A common trait of successful people is that they are action-takers and do not waste time overthinking every detail.

Call in the red lizard if you want to fully embody the powerful action-taker within you. The red lizard symbolises energy and passion. Ask yourself what excites you and go for it at full speed.


The blue lizard symbolises our emotional nature. It teaches us to speak up and express ourselves.

If you often feel shy or like you can’t show the world who you really are, meditate on the blue lizard.

Let it activate your throat chakra and release any blockages you may have around communication and self-expression. Remember that living in your truth is part of your mission on earth.

what does seeing a lizard mean spiritually,

Working With Your Lizard Spirit Animal

Calling in the lizard spirit animal will allow your magical and psychic powers to emerge. Prepare to experience a rebirth. You will cultivate a positive mindset which will help you find the power within and stay connected to your goals and intentions.

The lizard spirit animal tends to seek creative people who are dealing with some kind of blockage. If you are stuck or uninspired, know that these feelings will pass once you have learned the lessons that this challenging time has to offer you.

Tune into your psychic abilities. The lizard will teach you to trust your intuition and to let it guide you on your path. Remember to remain open to the messages from the universe.

Lizard Dream Meaning

What does seeing a lizard mean spiritually? When a lizard appears in your dreams, it might mean that there is something bothering you that you will not be able to let go of until you look at the situation from a fresh perspective.

If the lizard crosses your path in a dream, it wants to show you that there is something in your life that needs to change.

It often means that you have been spending too much time working or doing mundane tasks and not enough time taking care of yourself and having fun with your loved ones.

Seeing a large lizard in your dream symbolises an obstacle that may scare you. Remember that you are strong and courageous and that any hardship will teach you lessons that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If the lizard is sleeping, it serves as a reminder to pay closer attention to your dreams as this will allow you to channel divine wisdom.

A lizard that is changing colours wants you to remember that things may not be as they seem.

If you catch a lizard in your dream, it means that beautiful things are about to happen in your personal life. Remain open to love.

Final Thoughts

The lizard teaches us that in order to grow, we may need to shed old parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. What got you to this point may not be what will get you to the next level of your journey.

It teaches us to surrender and embrace the flow of life and to remain patient and open, knowing that opportunities will come in time.

Embrace even the most difficult times in your life as they will teach you the most important lessons.

Once an opportunity does come, it is important to act quickly. Remember that fortune favours the brave and that this is the universe signalling to you that you are ready to step into a more powerful version of yourself.