50+ Beautiful Rose Quartz Affirmations To Heal You

Rose quartz is a starter crystal for many people just starting their journey of working with healing stones – and this is because it is such a gentle and beautiful crystal.

It is a gem that exudes feminine, loving energy and has very versatile powers.

rose quartz affirmation

Rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra and can be used to heal heartbreak, improve your self-love and self-worth, to improve romance with your partner, to feel more compassionate towards others, or to attract new love into your life.

You can work with rose quartz in a number of ways to achieve your desired outcome, but I’ve always enjoyed using affirmations and mantas when working with this crystal.

As we are often focusing on the heart chakra when using rose quartz, reaffirming what you’re trying to achieve with beautiful affirmations can be both incredibly healing and powerful.

You can incorporate a rose quartz affirmation into your meditation practice or you can simply repeat these mantas as you put on your rose quartz jewellery each day.

However you want to work with your crystal, and whatever you want to use it for, I’ve got some mantra ideas to get you started.

Rose Quartz Affirmations For Self-Love

  1. I love and appreciate myself
  2. I believe in myself
  3. I love myself wholeheartedly and without judgement
  4. I love that I have a beautiful heart that is capable of so much love
  5. I am stronger than I know
  6. I am brave
  7. I love and honour my body
  8. I love that I am a compassionate soul
  9. I am taking care of myself
  10. I am putting myself first
  11. It’s okay to say no
  12. I am important
  13. I deserve happiness
  14. I am capable of great things
  15. I accept my true self
  16. I am enough

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Rose Quartz Affirmations For Compassion

  1. I forgive myself for the mistakes I make
  2. I accept all of my flaws
  3. I forgive those who hurt me
  4. I am kind and compassionate
  5. I am worthy of kindness and compassion in return
  6. I am a good friend/family member
  7. I deserve to be forgiven
  8. I act from a place of love and kindness
  9. I am caring
  10. I am sensitive to the needs and situations of others
  11. I am compassionate towards all living creatures
  12. I show compassion to those in need
rose quartz affirmations for relationships

Rose Quartz Affirmations For Love And Romance

  1. My heart is open to love and romance
  2. I deserve to be loved unconditionally
  3. I deserve to feel special
  4. I can openly love others
  5. My heart is full of unconditional love
  6. I am worthy of romance
  7. I welcome love into my life
  8. I deserve to find the right person
  9. I welcome happiness into my life and into my heart
  10. I embrace love every day
  11. I love my friends/family with all of my heart
  12. I am loved
  13. I am grateful for the love I have in my life
  14. I am made of love and kindness
  15. I choose love over anger

Rose Quartz Affirmations For Your Relationship

  1. I am bridging the gap between my partner and I
  2. I treat my partner with love and kindness
  3. I respect my partner
  4. I deserve to be respected by my partner
  5. I want to reconnect with my partner
  6. I love my partner unconditionally
  7. I accept unconditional love from my partner
  8. I forgive my partner for the mistakes they make
  9. I accept forgiveness for my own mistakes
  10. We are not perfect individuals but we are perfect together
  11. I am grateful for this relationship
  12. I am committed to my partner
  13. I accept that my partner is commited to me
  14. I am sensitive to my partner’s needs
  15. I invest time into my relationship

Rose Quartz Affirmations For Healing Heartbreak

  1. My feelings are valid
  2. I know my heart will heal
  3. My heart is strong
  4. I allow myself to grieve
  5. I forgive those who have caused me pain
  6. I attract positivity and love on my healing journey
  7. My heartache doesn’t define me
  8. I am healing every day
  9. I allow myself time to heal
  10. I have a loving future ahead
  11. I am far more than my bad experiences
  12. My soul has listened and learnt from these lessons
  13. I don’t blame myself
  14. I am strong and worthy of happiness
  15. I will experience love again

Final Thoughts

Using a rose quartz affirmation when you meditate can be incredibly powerful and soothing. But, you can also use these mantras on a daily basis.

Try looking yourself in the eyes in the mirror as you put on your rose quartz necklace or earrings each morning and repeat your chosen affirmations, allowing the words to fill your heart chakra.

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