How To Do A Self Love Tarot Spread: An Easy Guide

One of my favourite ways to practise self-care is through a self-love tarot spread.

Tarot helps me take an honest look deep within myself, understand my wants and needs, and identify what is no longer serving me or hindering my ability to cultivate self-love.

self love tarot spread

In this article, I provide my favourite self-love spread and how to perform it.

Starting A Tarot Spread For Self Love

Choosing a Deck And Cleansing It

When performing a tarot spread for self-love, I like to include a bright and warm deck.

The Rider Waite Smith deck is an excellent choice, but I sometimes use other decks, especially ones that are geared toward love readings or have a lot of beautiful imagery to help draw in inspiration.

Once I choose a deck, I cleanse it using one of my favourite methods.

If I’m short on time, I’ll simply rest a piece of Clear Quartz crystal on my deck while I set up my tarot space.

Clear Quartz is a high-frequency stone that helps remove negative energy. I always want to cleanse my deck before reading, especially a self-love tarot spread, to ensure no lingering energies could hinder my results.

If I have the time, I like to include items around my tarot space that draw in the sense of love. Flowers or scented candles are my go-tos and really help set the tone of my reading.

tarot spread for self love

Doing A 5 Card Self Love Tarot Spread

I make sure to include enough cards in my tarot spread for self-love to help me gain the insight that I need. Five cards are usually my standard and help me understand myself on a deeper level.

I begin by shuffling my deck. While I’m shuffling, I’m setting the intention for the reading.

If there’s something specific I’m trying to learn to love about myself, I’ll imagine myself learning to appreciate and love that thing about myself.

If the reading is a bit more general, I’ll imagine myself full of love for both myself and everything else in my life.

While I imagine either I will internally or externally state, “How can I cultivate a love for myself right now?”

Card 1

The first card drawn is placed at the centre of the spread. This card represents my current thoughts and feelings about myself.

While this may seem obvious, it can be helpful to get a deeper look into what I’m feeling. Sometimes, there are feelings that I can’t explain or emotions I don’t know the root of.

The first card gives me a deep dive into what’s going on with the energies inside of me currently.

For example, if I draw the Justice card, this may symbolise that I feel something about myself is “unfair.” Then, I can reflect on the aspect of myself that I want to find love for and decide whether or not this aspect of myself seems “fair.”

If not, I can use this card placement to find other issues regarding my self-love and use them throughout my reading.

Card 2

The second card drawn is placed to the left of the centre card. The left is often associated with the past, so I use this placement to uncover issues from my past that are affecting my current self-love.

For example, if I draw the Three Of Swords, this is a sign that I am holding on to a past heartache or relationship that is affecting my self-worth and value.

The second card is often one of my most important placements to reflect on because it gives me clues as to what has happened in my life that has caused me to lose a sense of love for myself while also shining a light on what I must resolve.

Card 3

The third card drawn is placed to the right of the centre card. The right card represents what is holding me back currently from finding love for myself. I combine the energies of the left and right cards to find the best answer.

For example, if I draw the Star card here, this shows me that I cannot see the light within me due to the energy of the 2nd card drawn.

In my current situation, I am unaware of my special talents, abilities, and all of the wonderful qualities that exist, preventing me from seeing who I am and what I’m capable of.

Card 4

The fourth card drawn is placed above the centre card. This placement represents the tool(s) that I can use to help resolve the past influences of card number two and the current influences of card number three.

For example, if I draw the Sun card, this is a sign that I should spend more time doing things that bring me joy.

The Sun card represents happiness, bliss, and child-like freedom of expression. Due to the energies of cards two and three, it’s likely I haven’t truly enjoyed myself in the same way I had as a child.

I can use this information to help make time each day to enjoy myself and my special interests.

Card 5

The fifth card drawn is placed right below the centre card. The fifth card symbolises how I can implement these tools into my life to help bring about self-love in an abundant way.

Practising self-love in any form is beneficial, but when I have a specific area of my life where I practise it, I notice the most benefit.

For example, if I have the Two Of Cups, this is a sign that I need to start practising my acts of self-love in my communication with others and my relationship dynamics.

Instead of putting others first all of the time, I will work towards expressing my own wants and needs.

Another act of self-love may be letting go of any relationships that no longer serve me or anyone that makes me feel less than I deserve.

self love spread tarot

Reflecting On The Reading

Once I complete my reading, I make an easy plan for myself to follow and use the insight I’ve gained in my daily life.

I hold myself accountable by keeping my plan somewhere I’ll see every day. This helps me remain aware of the energies of the reading and remind myself to practise self-love every day.

The longer I incorporate the guidance of the self love tarot spread, the more self-love I gain, and the practices become a natural part of my day.

Final Thoughts

Most of us are guilty of not spending enough time taking care of ourselves. And we can lose ourselves in the process.

Taking the time to perform a self love tarot reading brings you back to yourself and gives you time to focus on your own needs.

The 5 card self love spread I’ve included above is a powerful tool that uncovers blockages and helps you put the pieces of your self-worth and value back together again.