The Pangolin Spirit Animal: Understanding The Spiritual Meaning Of Pangolins

The pangolin is the most trafficked animal in the world.

Due to its endangerment, it has become a symbol of environmental responsibility, reminding us of the need to protect the animals of our earth as they all have a purpose and important lessons to teach us.

Sometimes known as the “scaly anteater,” the pangolin is native to East Africa and lives in savannahs and woodlands near bodies of water.

pangolin spirit animal

The pangolin is a solitary creature and enjoys only the company of those that are on the same path, having no tolerance for distractions or complicated relationships.

Has the pangolin been appearing to you? Let us take a look at what this could symbolize and how you can apply the lessons of the pangolin in your daily life.

Pangolin Spiritual Meaning

The pangolin spirit animal stands for non-violence and protection.

If it has been appearing to you, it is a good reminder to keep your goals and aspirations to yourself, retreat and work silently, as this will minimise distractions and ensure that you are not influenced by outside factors.

Trust your instincts and do not engage in risky behaviour.

The pangolin also appears to people who are very sensitive and tend to take innocent remarks to heart.

Consider if what the other person is saying is actually true and if it is relevant to you, or rather just a projection of their own issues.

Like the armadillo, the pangolin has a hard skin that allows it to deal with these situations gracefully and be unbothered by negativity.

If you are going through a crisis of faith or identity, the pangolin can offer wisdom and guidance, as it understands what it is like to not fit in: It has scales like a fish and can climb like a monkey. Embrace all the facets of who you are and do not feel as though you need to put yourself in a box.

The parts of you that make you different make you unique and able to contribute something to the world that no one else can.

Pangolin Mythology Explored

Pangolins have walked the earth dating all the way back to when dinosaurs were around. They know the most ancient secrets of the earth.

The appearance of the pangolin is reminiscent of that of a creature from another planet.

Pangolins also have some surprising human-like qualities, such as walking upright.

Due to its uniqueness, some call the pangolin “the impossible animal”.

Just by its existence, it embodies all the possibilities you never thought could become real.

Are Pangolins Sacred?

As the pangolin is quite elusive and is such a unique animal, it is believed to be sacred by many people around the world.

Its ability to survive on the earth for millions of years despite ever-changing environmental factors and the recent poaching is more than impressive.

This suggests that they hold a great deal of wisdom when it comes to surviving in challenging circumstances.

Is Pangolin A Lucky Animal?

In East Africa, pangolins are seen as sacred so much so that if you see a pangolin walking by, it is believed to mean good luck.

The number of steps the pangolin takes before disappearing equals the number of good years that the person who sees it will live.

This belief has actually helped to decrease poaching.

Even though you may not have seen a pangolin in real life, if it has appeared to you in meditation or in your dreams, you can consider yourself lucky.

Allow yourself to feel gratitude for the good fortune that is ahead.

pangolin spiritual meaning

Pangolin Symbolism

Pangolins stand for ancient knowledge, determination and independence.

Being solitary creatures, they do not rely on anyone but their own inherent wisdom.

Despite the endangerment that they face, they continue to walk the earth due to their determination to keep going through the most difficult of circumstances.

Being such a unique creature that is hard to compare to any other, they are also a symbol of self-acceptance.

Let’s explore their symbolism in greater depth:


Due to their elusiveness, it is unknown how long pangolins can live in the wild.

What we do know is that they have been around for millions of years, surviving all kinds of environmental conditions.

The pangolin is here to stay despite the poaching that has been happening in recent years.

If you feel like the path toward your goals is too difficult, call in the energy of the pangolin, who is still here to this day despite all the obstacles.

Ancient Knowledge

Many tribes in Africa believe that the pangolin calls in spirits that will offer safety and prosperity.

Supported by the energy of the pangolin, the lack of money or safety can swiftly be replaced by abundance at a time when you least expect it.

Meditate on the pangolin if you are struggling to fulfil your needs in the material world and focus on embodying the powerful energy of wealth. Only then will you become a match for the fortune you desire.

Danger And Protection

When the pangolin is threatened, it curls up into a ball to protect itself – just like the hedgehog.

Its scales can slice into the mouth of an enemy, and it can release bad-smelling fluids like a skunk to defend itself.

The pangolin also uses these fluids to mark its territory.

It is therefore associated with needs such as personal space, safety and boundaries.

Not having boundaries can cause you a lot of pain and will gain you no respect from others. Examine where you might be letting people walk all over you and commit to the boundaries you need to feel safe.

As an animal that is so prolifically trafficked, the pangolin spirit animal also teaches us to be wary and to see the bigger picture. It also invites us to assess who we have in our life.

pangolin spirit animal

Strength And Determination

Surviving through hardships is one of the pangolin’s many qualities. It is very skilled at protecting itself and carrying on despite having many enemies.

Call in the pangolin when you are going through a period in life where you need to push through. Remember that you are a divine being designed to be resilient, just like the pangolin.

Introverted And Introspection

Pangolins are solitary creatures. They are reclusive, nocturnal and roll into a ball when in danger.

Seeing them in the wild is a rare occurrence. They are so hard to find that after millions of years on this earth, scientists still have not been able to find out how long they can live.

Some pangolins are held captive, but they are very difficult to raise.

Beautiful things can happen when you spend time alone. It brings you back to yourself and who you are without the influence of your peers.

Try living as a hermit for a while and see what lessons this time can teach you.

How To Work With Your Pangolin Spirit Animal

When the pangolin appears to you, it usually means that you need to take care of yourself, mentally and physically.

It also tells you to listen to your gut instead of other people. Leave any situation that feels misaligned and trust that everything will work out in your favour in the end.

Furthermore, the pangolin appears when you need to be brave, stand up for yourself and release your metaphorical stinky fluid.

Sometimes subtlety is not enough to get to where you want to be in life, so do not be afraid to mark your limits.

You can call on the pangolin spirit animal if you need its support and strength in any of the above scenarios.

pangolin spiritual meaning

What Does It Mean If You Dream Of A Pangolin?

A pangolin in your dream generally means that luck and prosperity are coming into your life.

Depending on the way in which the pangolin appears in your dream, there are a few other different meanings it could have as well.

If you see a female pangolin protecting its children, this could reflect a desire you have to nourish the children in your life, whether they are actual children, pets, or passion projects.

If the pangolin is curled into a ball, it could mean that there is a dangerous situation looming. Hone in on your intuition, as this is the best tool you have to protect yourself. It could also mean that a secret of yours may be revealed and that this is making you anxious.

If the pangolin is hunting for a meal, invite yourself to look more deeply at a situation that is taking up space in your mind. You might be trying to heal symptoms when you should be investigating the root cause.

Two pangolins together signify that you will soon meet a new partner or a friend who will stay in your life long-term if that is something you desire.

Final Thoughts

The pangolin is a solitary creature with incredible self-reliance and wisdom. It serves as a reminder for those of us who feel like we do not fit in that our uniqueness is our greatest strength.

Working with the pangolin spirit animal also promotes longevity and wisdom and will help you understand that every challenge in life should be embraced as something that you will grow from.

Connecting with this spirit animal can be tremendously beneficial for you if you are an introvert, want to connect with your inner strength or if you are someone who likes to stray off the beaten path.