The Spiritual Meaning of a Hawk

Hawks and other birds of prey have long been associated with spirituality and they often feature heavily as totems. But what does it mean to see or dream of a hawk? If you have a bird of prey as a spirit guide then what does this say about you? In this guide, we delve deeper into the spiritual meaning of hawks and other birds of prey.

Hawk or Bird of Prey Symbolism

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a hawk? One of the most obvious spiritual meanings of a hawk is freedom – by spreading their wings and taking to the skies, they embody freedom. Dreaming of a bird of prey or seeing one in your waking life can suggest that you are caged; you need to shed anything that is holding you back and find your own freedom.

If you have been considering a change of direction in life, then the hawk can appear to show you that you already have the freedom and everything at your disposal to pursue your destiny.

If you are regularly seeing a bird of prey, you are being encouraged to use your intuition and your initiative to take precise action. Now is not the time to dally, keep your goal in sight and pursue it with confidence.

The hawk can also symbolise the need for seeing the bigger picture. Are you focusing too closely on the minutiae in life? Take a step back and look at things more broadly for a clear indication of what needs to happen. The appearance of a bird of prey may also be encouraging you to view someone in your life with a more critical eye.

The recurring appearance of a bird of prey in your life could also be a call for you to work with spirit.

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Harris Hawks and other birds of prey flying at the Falconer’s Quest – Warwick Castle – September 2021.

Hawks and Chakras

The earthy brown tones of a hawk resonate with the root chakra, keeping us grounded and connected to Mother Nature. The root chakra is where we hold our power and this also ties in with the power that birds of prey possess. Feeling connected to the hawk is the encouragement you need to embrace your own personal power and confidence.

The yellow found on birds of prey, along with their cry, connect us with our solar plexus. This is where we hold much of our emotion, so pay close attention to your own emotional wellbeing if you are drawn to a hawk or another bird of prey.

Birds of prey also connect us with the third eye chakra because of their sharp eyesight and their connection with the spirit realm. Connect with hawk energy to strengthen or heal your third eye chakra and reinforce your connection with your guides.

Birds of Prey as Spirit Guides

If a hawk has entered your totem or your spirit team, it may be that you are being encouraged to pursue a path as a powerful healer.

Hawks were highly regarded as power animals and messengers from our ancestors by Native American people; by working with hawk energy, you are channelling the healing knowledge and experience of all of your ancestors before you.

If you are keen to explore work with your third eye, you can call on a bird of prey to enhance your spiritual connection and psychic abilities.

Are you feeling fearful of a situation or change in your life? Call on the hawk to give you power and confidence.

If you are struggling with concentration, bird of prey guides can help. Call on them to strengthen your focus.

And finally, if you are battling through a very difficult time, you can call on your hawk totem for protection.

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The Meaning of Seeing a Hawk in a Dream

If you see a bird of prey in your dreams it could indicate that you aren’t seeing things clearly enough in your waking life. You may need to look more closely at a situation or person to fully understand what’s going on.

Seeing a bird of prey circling in a dream can be representative of a threat in your waking life – heed the bird’s warning to arm yourself but proceed with caution.

If a hawk is a regular visitor in your dreams, then this is probably a call from your guides that they want to connect with you and help you to further your spiritual development. Dreaming of a hawk can also be a clue that you’ve been keeping yourself caged – you need to unlock your full potential, set yourself free, and soar.

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