Butterfly: Spiritual Meaning, Symbolism & More

Butterflies are arguably one living creature that we most associate with the spirit world. Their ethereal beauty enchants people and their ability to transform and flit, fairy-like, around the natural world gives them an air of mystery.

As with robins, we’ve come to associate butterflies appearing with passed loved ones coming to visit us – and how wonderful is that? To feel that your nearest and dearest and coming back in animal form to let you know they are still around.

In this guide, we will explore the spiritual meaning of butterflies, in dreams and in waking life, and look at what the different colours mean for us too.

What Is the Symbolism of a Butterfly?

For a long time, butterflies have been a powerful symbol of life itself and all the changes and transformations we all go through at various stages of life.

Just picture the journey of the butterfly: It starts life as an egg which then hatches into a caterpillar; from there, they create a chrysalis, ready for their final transformation into a beautiful butterfly. This can be a great representation of one’s spiritual transformation, but it can also depict the ups and downs of life, and how we change and learn each time we face something difficult in life. We grow, continuously, based on the things we experience and the people we accept into our lives. We are constantly learning and needing to adapt and, as humans, we are capable of overcoming great hardship.

Aside from representing metamorphosis, the butterfly also symbolises happiness and joy, playfulness, and light.

As well as being a spiritual symbol, the butterfly can be found in many religions, representing concepts such as resurrection, endurance, courage and perseverance.

Butterflies also act as a representation of the soul for many cultures around the world, which is why it’s common for people to feel a loved one is near when a butterfly visits.

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Butterflies and Chakras

As butterflies come in a variety of beautiful, vivid colours, they can be called upon to work with all chakras throughout the body.

Red Butterflies

Red butterflies, such as Bat Wings, Red Lacewings, Red Admirals, and Peacock Butterflies, connect us with our root chakra.

The root or base chakra keeps us grounded and connected to Mother Earth. It represents our stability and security, and other human physical and emotional needs.

If your root chakra is out of balance, you can call on the healing energies of a red butterfly during meditation to help with the problem you are facing.

Orange Butterflies

Essex Skippers, Gatekeepers, Commas, and Small Coppers are all examples of orange butterflies that can help us with our sacral chakras.

The sacral chakra is our centre of creativity and sexuality; it is responsible for our happiness and passions. When energy through the sacral chakra is blocked, we can ask for assistance from orange butterflies.

Yellow Butterflies

Yellow breeds of butterfly, such as Clouded Yellows and Swallowtails, resonate with the solar plexus.

Our solar plexus is responsible for our confidence, self-esteem, discipline and will-power. Call in a yellow butterfly during your next meditation session to heal and engage your solar plexus.

Green Butterflies

The heart chakra is responsible for our ability to show love – both for ourselves and for others; it’s also related to compassion and our ability to process grief and hurt.

The heart chakra is represented by green and pink hues, but in the natural world, there aren’t really any pink butterflies, so call on green butterflies like Brimstones, Dark Green Fritillaries, and Green-veined Whites during your meditation to energetically heal the heart chakra.

Blue Butterflies

Blue butterflies, such as Adonis Blues, Large Blues, Holly Blues, and Silver-studded Blues, can work with our throat chakra and also with the third eye.

The throat chakra acts as our centre of communication, allowing us to speak our truth. And the third eye chakra allows us to trust our intuition, connect with spirit, and see things clearly.

To unblock the throat or third eye chakras, invite a beautiful blue butterfly into your meditation to help.

Purple Butterflies

Purple butterflies can help with the third eye or crown chakra to ensure energy is free-flowing.

The third eye chakra is responsible for us being able to see things clearly, and it also connects us to the spirit world. The crown chakra connects us with universal knowledge and a higher good.

Call on a butterfly like the Purple Emperor as you meditate and ask for it’s support in unblocking your third eye or crown – try envisage it fluttering around your head as the energy begins to flow.

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Butterflies as Spirit Guides

If a butterfly has entered your spiritual team as a guide, then it could be encouraging you forward onto a path of spiritual transformation. Follow your butterfly in your mind’s eye as it opens new doors and opportunities for you.

If you’ve been struggling with life’s hardships, the butterfly may come in to show you joy and happiness and lead you towards better times. It is a representation of the difficulties you’ve faced and a sign of the good fortune ahead.

If you’re struggling to rid yourself of certain behaviours or a situation which no longer serves you, then the butterfly may arrive as a totem to show you that you need to shed them in order to grow.

If you’re too busy flitting through life to notice what’s going on, your butterfly totem might be telling you to slow down and appreciate what’s around you – and to see things for what they really are.

The Spiritual Meaning of Butterflies in Dreams

Are you regularly seeing a butterfly in your dreams? It could be that you are being encouraged to unfold your wings and embrace your freedom. It can mean a new beginning and a new life for you.

Are you struggling with self-esteem? The butterfly is reminding you to embrace your internal and external beauty.

A butterfly entering your dreams can also be a calling to your spirituality – it can indicate a time for development.