The Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs

Ladybugs, or ladybirds as I would call them, are mysterious and beautiful little insects that appear, seemingly from nowhere, and disappear just as quickly.

It’s the one bug that many people don’t fear as they are just so lovely to look at. As children we were amazed by them, and as adults, we can respect their quiet presence.

Just like butterflies, bees, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and many other insects, ladybugs carry spiritual significance.

In this guide, we will explore more on the spiritual meaning of ladybirds.

What Do Ladybugs Symbolize? Are Ladybugs Good Luck?

Does a ladybug mean good luck? If that’s what you were taught, then you were told right! And perhaps you were even encouraged to make a wish if one landed on you? Ladybirds are strongly associated with good luck and fortune, and it’s considered a positive sign if one visits you. Most of us were raised to never kill one!

The ladybug spiritual meaning extends far beyond just good fortune though. They are a wonderful symbol of innocence, love, transformation, and beauty.

As with many other bugs, a ladybird embarks on an amazing journey – transforming from a larvae into a beautiful and delicate little bug. If a ladybird lands on you, it could be an indication that you are also undergoing a transformation.

The spiritual meaning of ladybirds is also associated with hope, happiness and joy. Just think about how they make most people smile – especially children.

The ladybug symbol also encourages you to let go of what is dragging you down – become as light as the ladybird and let your worries go.

What Do Spots on Ladybirds Mean?

Do you remember counting the spots on a ladybird’s shell when you were little? If you could count them fast enough before it flew off, that is!

What did you think it meant? I was always told that the number of spots on a ladybird correlated with their age. And that always felt so magical to me.

Another theory is that, should a ladybug land on a newly wed couple, the number of spots on the shell indicates how many children they will have.

In reality, a ladybird’s spots have a very practical meaning. They act as a warning to predators – a flashing ‘do not eat me’ sign – thanks to the combination of red and black shades (known as aposematic colouration).

ladybug spiritual meaning

Ladybirds and Chakras

The vibrant red of a ladybird symbolizes the base chakra. Working with ladybug energies helps us to connect to our base, or root, chakra and release energetic blockages there.

The root chakra is what connection us to earth, and to Mother Nature herself – if you want to feel closer to Her energies, call on the ladybird.

If you need to feel more grounded, if you need to stand in your own power, or even if you need to reawaken your desires and ambitions, you can invoke the ladybug symbol to support you.

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What Do Spots on Ladybirds Mean?

Ladybugs as Spirit Guides

ladybugs totem animals and spirit guides

A ladybug totem may appear in your spiritual team to guide you from a place of hardship, through a transformative phase, and onto a happier chapter in your life.

A ladybird spirit animal brings you good luck in your endeavours – embrace opportunities with open arms. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and it’s time to enjoy good fortune.

The Spiritual Meaning of Ladybugs in Dreams

what does it mean to dream of a ladybird?

Dreaming of ladybugs is very special. When you dream of a ladybird you are receiving messages of luck in life and in love from the Universe and from spirit. This symbol is even more powerful if you feel happy to see the ladybird in your dream.

If you’ve been having a difficult time in your waking life, dreaming of a ladybird could be spirit trying to bring you some joy, upliftment and positivity. It can also mean that you need to search for more beauty in your life – things have probably been feeling a bit grey, but there is beauty to be found.