The 10 Best Gemstones For Women: Crystals For Feminine Energy

Women have been using crystals for thousands of years.

In ancient civilizations, women used to adorn themselves with a variety of crystals. Not only to enhance their beauty but to also take advantage of the unique properties of each crystal.

Best Gemstones For Women Crystals For Feminine Energy

Even back then, they were aware that different crystals could enhance different aspects of their being.

For women, one of the most popular use cases of crystals has been to enhance their feminine energies.

Even today, many women use crystals to get in touch with their inner goddess. This can be quite important in a world that has come to focus more on the masculine qualities of life.

If you are looking for great crystals for feminine energy and have not been able to make up your mind, fret not!

Here’s a list of some of the best crystals for women.

1) Moonstone

This is perhaps the most obvious stone on this list. After all, the moon has forever been associated with femininity and the menstrual cycle.

In spirituality, the moon is said to exude divine feminine energies, and anyone who wishes to experience them can meditate under the moonlight.

Moonstone gives off similar vibes. It soothes you and enhances your intuition. It also allows your creativity to flourish and makes you calmer and more gentle.

2) Rose Quartz

This is another obvious choice on this list. This pink, beautiful crystal is already being used by millions of women around the world.

It emits energies of love, compassion and kindness. And anyone who uses it gets filled with these feminine qualities.

They suddenly start connecting with people around them effortlessly. If you wish to use rose quartz, you will find that it is commonly used in a variety of jewellery.

You could buy a rose quartz necklace, earrings, bracelet, and so on. This way, it will always be in contact with your body.

If you are looking to tap more into your divine feminine, then meditating with this crystal can be helpful.

3) Larimar

Larimar is not that well known. And so, it is considered a rarer option. But it is one of the best feminine crystals you can get.

It is known as the crystal of love and peace, which is apparent in its soft, calming and inviting blue colour.

When you start using it, you almost feel like you have a guardian angel present with you all the time.

What’s great about Larimar is that it gently encourages your energies to reach a higher ethereal level.

Not only that, but it also helps you strengthen your connection with mother nature.

4) Carnelian

Carnelian seems to be tailor-made for women. This gorgeous orange stone stimulates your sacral chakra and heals it of any negative energies.

This can have a number of positive effects on a woman.

Firstly, it can heal the physical symptoms of PMS. This alone can be a lifesaver for many women out there.

Secondly, it can also remove sexual blockages and allow a woman to express her sexuality more freely.

Thirdly, it supercharges a woman’s creative side. This allows her to express her innermost thoughts and emotions effectively.

It’s not surprising that so many women in the world instantly pick up carnelian as their first gemstone for feminine energy.

5) Selenite

You might not know this, but selenite is named after the Greek word for moon, “Selene.”

And as I mentioned above, the moon has always represented feminity. So, it’s not surprising that this translucent crystal is a great option for women.

Selenite can help you regulate your emotions so that you are in more control of how you react to situations. It also amplifies your natural feminine side.

If used during meditation, it can fill your entire being with vibrations of peace and harmony. Simply placing it throughout your house can also have similar effects.

6) Labradorite

Labradorite is considered to be a close relative of moonstone. As such, this stone, too, is ideal for women.

It protects your aura and your inner goddess from the effects of negative energies.

Plus, it enhances your intuition and makes you more perceptive. It encourages you to pay heed to your inner voice and explore what you really want to explore in life.

It gives you confidence in who you are as a person and enhances your ability to accept yourself with all your heart.

7) Pearl

Pearl has been in use since ancient times. This stone has always fascinated human beings since it is the only gem created over time by a living being, an oyster.

For hundreds (maybe even thousands) of years, women have used pearls in one way or another.

Wearing pearl earrings, rings or necklaces makes you peaceful in nature and enhances your self-acceptance.

It also nudges you to appreciate the beauty of being a woman.

8) Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline comes in many colours. But the best suited for women is the pink variety.

Pink tourmaline is known to promote positive energy in women, and it also protects them from the negativity of those around them.

This crystal helps them be whatever and whoever they want to be.

It is also said to boost a woman’s vitality, strength and courage.

Not only that, it promotes self-love and emotional healing.

Naturally, pink tourmaline is one of the best crystals for feminine energy.

9) Garnet

You might already know that garnet is commonly considered to be a symbol of feminity and sexuality.

Its stunning colour is always alluring, and it effortlessly stands out from the rest.

Unsurprisingly, garnet is one of the most sought-after gems for fashion accessories.

You can get almost any type of jewellery laden with garnet.

If you get one for yourself, you can expect it to fill your life with love, passion, abundance, luck and intimacy.

10) Amethyst

Finally, we have the all-powerful amethyst.

This mystical stone enhances some of the best feminine qualities of a woman – intuition, perception, grace, tendency to be nurturing, and so on.

It can also refine a woman’s wisdom and help her make promising decisions. But that’s not all.

Since it is known as a natural tranquillizer, amethyst can ward off anger, anxiety, fear, worries, and so on.

Final Thoughts

Males and females can work with and benefit from any crystal, but there are certain gems that work better with feminine or masculine energy.

The 10 crystals listed above are some of the best crystals for women and for female energy.