What Crystals Should Not Be Together? You Might Be Surprised

Crystals have become really popular in modern times. More and more people are turning to crystals for a plethora of reasons.

Some want better health, some want more wealth, some want to manifest their desires, and some are looking to find the love of their lives.

what crystals should not be together

So, it’s not surprising that people are learning about the incredible powers of crystals and using them to achieve their goals.

This is all well and good. However, if you are getting crystals for yourself, you need to do proper research.

For one, if you are getting more than one crystal for yourself, you should ensure that they do not conflict with each other.

Yes, there is such a thing as conflicting crystals.

It happens when two crystals are incompatible with each other and negate each other’s energies.

So, how do you know what crystals should not be together?

Well, luckily, healers and other spiritual workers have done a great deal of research on the matter. And there are well-known pairs of conflicting crystals as a result.

In this article, I am going to talk about some of these pairs.

What Crystals Do Not Work Well Together?

1) Carnelian and Amethyst

Carnelian and amethyst are polar opposites when it comes to their energy interaction with human beings.

Carnelian boosts a person’s energy, while Amethyst tends to calm it down.

So, if you keep them together, they will simply cancel each other’s energy signature.

As such, they won’t work as intended.

Also, your energy body will get confused due to the conflicting signals from the two crystals.

So, if your situation demands that you need to use both these crystals, you can keep them in separate locations.

And you should only use one of these at a time.

For example, if you want to boost your creativity, you can use carnelian.

And when you want to relax and calm your mind, you can use amethyst.

what crystals cant be together

2) Tiger’s Eye and Smoky Quartz

Tiger’s eye is probably the most popular stone for confidence.

People from all walks of life use this stone to boost their sense of self-worth and live life boldly.

This stone harnesses the energy around you and turns it into something that you can use for your own good.

Smoky quartz, on the other hand, is a great crystal for grounding as it shields you from the energy of your surroundings and the people around you.

This is why so many empaths use smoky quartz.

Now, it might be obvious why tiger’s eye and smoky quartz shouldn’t be together.

While one likes to use the energies around you, the other shields you from them.

So, basically, they cancel each other out, and you get no benefit from either.

3) Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper

Many people tend to use blue lace agate when they are feeling depressed, stressed or anxious.

After all, the healing energies of this stone can calm a person down and help them relax and recuperate.

However, some people make the mistake of combining blue lace agate with a red jasper stone.

They think that doing so will also raise their energy to a more positive and healthy level.

However, since the two stones work differently, they negate each other’s effects.

So, the end result is that your situation remains exactly the same.

4) Tiger’s Eye and Amazonite

If you were wondering what crystals do not work well together, there cannot be a better example than tiger’s eye and amazonite.

Many people use amazonite to cure their insomnia. It calms down your energies and promotes relaxation. This leads to better and deeper sleep.

However, if you use amazonite with a tiger’s eye, the result will be the opposite.

Tiger’s eye will simply override the effects of amazonite, and you will be wide awake all night long.

So, find a different stone to use with amazonite for a better night’s sleep.

5) Gomed And Cat’s Eye

This is a dangerous combination of crystals that you should avoid at all costs.

According to Indian astrology, gomed is a gemstone of the planet R?hu (a shadow planet that causes eclipses), and cat’s eye is a gemstone of the planet Ketu (another shadow planet that has a tremendous impact on human life).

It is said that if you use these in combination, you might invite negative energies into your life.

Together, their use could lead to restlessness, anxiety, overindulgence, addiction, and illness.

So, it’s best to avoid using them together.

What crystals do not work well together

6) Clear Quartz And Other Stones With Strong Energies

Clear quartz, by its nature, tends to amplify the energies of the minerals around it. While that can be useful sometimes to achieve specific goals, it can also be counterintuitive in some situations.

For example, citrine is a powerful crystal that can boost your energy and provide motivation. However, if you use it with clear quartz, you might have too much energy and motivation.

This might seem like a good thing, but it is not.

Having too much energy might make you directionless and too volatile. You might also become highly impulsive or even anxious.

Another example of this is clear quartz and malachite. Malachite is a very powerful stone in its own right (and not a stone I recommend for beginners), so enhancing it further with quartz isn’t a good idea.

Clear quartz doe work beautifully in combination with other crystals, but the main thing is to understand the qualities of the other crystal first to know if they will be a good match or not.

Top Tips For Conflicting Crystals

Remember that crystals work slightly differently for each person and situation.

If you’ve combined two crystals and start to feel uneasy, anxious, like you have too much energy or if you generally just feel off, it’s worth taking note of the crystals you are using.

If you aren’t feeling yourself after combining crystals that don’t work together, put the crystals down immediately and focus on grounding yourself.

Final Thoughts

Crystals are a wonderful healing tool, and combining different types of crystals can have powerful effects.

However, not all stones are designed to work together as some have conflicting energies.

It’s therefore important to understand what crystals should not be together and to use the correct combinations for your healing.