How To Cleanse Orange Calcite: Full Cleansing, Charging, And Activation Guide

Orange Calcite, like many other crystals, will hold onto energy from other people and from the environment – this can be both positive and negative energy.

When working with crystals it’s very important to cleanse them to remove said energy. But, you have to choose a cleansing method that is safe and appropriate for the crystal in question.

how to cleanse orange calcite

In this post, I’ll not only show you how to cleanse Orange Calcite, but how to charge and activate it too.

How To Cleanse Orange Calcite: 3 Main Ways

Orange Calcite is a soft crystal, rated 3 on the Mohs scale, which means you have to take the best care when cleansing this crystal.

The following methods are the safest to use:


Smudging is a very traditional method for cleansing spaces, people, and items, such as crystals.

You can smudge your crystal with smoke by burning dried herbs. White sage, Clary sage, lavender, and rosemary are generally the best to use for smudging crystals.

Light your bundle of dried herbs and gently blow out the flame until there is enough smoke.

Then, pass your Orange Calcite through the smoke, and focus on the intention of removing energy from the crystal and resetting it.

If you don’t have a bundle of dried herbs, you can also use incense – again, sage, rosemary, or lavender are the best scents to use for cleansing and removing energy.

Using Clear Quartz Or Selenite

If you’re unable to smudge your Orange Calcite, try using Clear Quartz or Selenite to cleanse it instead.

These crystals are unique as not only do they not require cleansing themselves, but they can also be used to cleanse other crystals.

The easiest way to cleanse your Orange Calcite using Selenite or Clear Quartz is by using a bowl or a charging plate.

However, even if you don’t have those, you can use these crystals for cleansing.

If you have a Clear Quartz or Selenite tumblestone or a tower, simply hold these in one hand and move it around your piece of Orange Calcite, almost as though you are wrapping it.

Imagine all unwanted energies being absorbed by the Clear Quartz or Selenite.

Using Mother Earth

Mother Earth holds the most powerful healing and cleansing energies. As such, these energies can be used for cleansing crystals like Orange Calcite.

To cleanse your crystal, simply bury it in the ground and allow all energies to leave the crystal and return to Mother Earth – she will handle the rest.

I’d recommend only using this cleansing method on a dry day and if you’re sure the earth is dry too.

Other Methods For Safely Cleansing Orange Calcite

If the methods above don’t suit you, you can try one of the following:

  • Sound Healing: You can use a shamanic drum, a Tibetan singing bowl, or Tingsha Cymbals to remove unwanted energies from your crystal using gentle sound. Just use your instrument close to the crystal to cleanse it.
  • Use Rice: You can fill a bowl with uncooked rice and place your crystal inside for cleansing.

Cleansing Questions

Can Orange Calcite Go In Water?

No, Orange Calcite is a soft crystal – at just 3 on the Mohs scale, it isn’t suitable for water cleansing.

Similarly, I wouldn’t recommend using salt to cleanse this crystal as it’s fragile, and salt cleansing will mean you need to rinse the Calcite afterward.

How do I activate orange calcite?

How To Charge Orange Calcite

Now that your crystal is cleansed of any attached energies, it’s time to recharge it ready for its next use.

Charging In The Moonlight

The best method for charging Orange Calcite is by using the light of the moon.

When charging with moonlight, it’s best to wait for a full moon. Then, place your Orange Calcite outside, under the light of the moon, or on a windowsill to absorb the energies.

It’s important to only place your crystal outside if you’re sure it is going to be a dry night.

Is Orange Calcite Safe In The Sun?

Unfortunately, Calcite isn’t safe for charging in the sun. It is a soft crystal that can fade and even become brittle when exposed to too much sunlight.

It’s much safer to work with the energies of the moon to cleanse this stone.

How Do I Activate Orange Calcite?

Your crystal is now cleansed, charged, and ready to work for you. All you need to do now is activate it.

Activating and programming your crystal allows it to understand what you want to achieve.

Hold your piece of Orange Calcite in your hand, take a few deep breaths to relax, and then say, aloud or in your mind, what you want to do.

For example, if you want to heal your Sacral chakra to tap into your creativity, you could say something like “this crystal will unblock my Sacral chakra and unleash my creativity”.

Crystals can heal many things and can work on different problems or areas of the body, so, in order for them to work properly for you, they need to be programmed with the outcome you want.

Final Thoughts

Orange Calcite has many uses, but, to get the most from this crystal, you need to take proper care of it.

It is a soft crystal and needs to be cleansed and charged using the proper methods.

Once cleansed and charged, your Orange Calcite can be programmed to work with you.