Tarantula Spiritual Meaning: Tarantula Symbolism, Dream Meaning & Working With The Tarantula Spirit

Arachnophobes beware – this post is all about tarantulas!

Have you ever seen a tarantula and wondered what spiritual meaning it holds? Tarantulas are fascinating creatures with ancient spiritual meanings dating back centuries.

tarantula spiritual meaning

This article will explore the spiritual meanings behind tarantulas, from their dream meaning to how they can act as powerful spirit guides.

Learn about the history of tarantula symbolism, the lessons it teaches us, and how to work with a tarantula spirit guide for personal growth and transformation.

Tarantula Symbolism: An Overview

Tarantulas have been revered and feared by many cultures throughout history.

In some cultures, they symbolise strength and power, courage, determination, and perseverance.

Conversely, they are also said to represent the dark side of human nature, such as anger, hatred, and aggression.

In other cultures, they are considered dangerous and evil and are associated with death and resurrection. This is because they often build their homes in caves or other dark places where the dead bodies of animals or humans are buried.

The tarantula is said to be able to bring the dead back to life, which is why they are sometimes seen as protectors of the underworld.

Dreams about tarantulas can be interpreted in several ways depending on your culture.

In some cultures, dreaming about a tarantula can signify that you will soon face danger or evil.

In other cultures, dreaming about a tarantula can be a sign that you have great power and strength within you.

Let’s explore the spiritual meaning of tarantulas in more detail.

tarantula spiritual meaning

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Tarantulas?

Some people fear tarantulas, while others find them to be intriguing creatures.

Tarantulas have been around for millions of years and are found on every continent except Antarctica. These spiders are not dangerous to humans, although their bites can be painful. Tarantulas are nocturnal predators that hunt their prey at night.

Tarantulas can be seen as symbols of death and darkness. In many cultures, tarantulas are associated with the underworld and are thought to be able to kill with their venomous bites.

However, tarantulas also have a more positive side. In some cultures, tarantulas are symbols of fertility and good luck.

The spiritual meaning of tarantulas depends on the culture you come from. If you come from a culture that sees tarantulas as being negative, then the spider may represent something dark or evil in your life.

Alternatively, if you come from a culture that sees tarantulas as being positive and a part of nature, then the spider may represent something good or beneficial in your life.

These are some of the most common meanings associated with the tarantula.

Intuition And Foresight

A tarantula, like other spiders, has 8 eyes. They see all. This animal is therefore a sign to use your intuition to guide you toward your life purpose.

If this spirit guide has entered your totem, you are being encouraged to use your third eye to connect with other realms and to see the bigger picture.

You are also being asked to use your sensitivity to feel the energy from others all around you.


Tarantulas are masters at capturing their prey, so to see a tarantula can represent the feeling of being trapped.

This can be in any part of your life, such as work, relationships, and other situations.

It can be a sign that perhaps you weren’t aware you felt this way and that it is now time to do something about it.


While the tarantula doesn’t spin a web in the same way that a spider does, this creature can still be associated with creativity.

If you are frequently seeing synchronicities related to the tarantula, this can be a sign that you need to awaken your own creativity.

It can also indicate that you need to tackle a situation in your current life with more creativity.


Small but powerful, the tarantula represents the hard work you’ve been undertaking. It asks you to be patient to ensure your work has a solid foundation.

If you move too fast too soon, you risk losing all you have worked for.

Your results will come, but you are being asked to be patient to receive them.


In many cultures, tarantulas are seen as symbols of transformation and change. They are often associated with the dark night sky and the underworld.

As such, they can represent death and rebirth – the perfect symbols for Halloween!

The tarantula symbolises that positive changes are occurring. These transformations will take place soon and will be a wonderfully positive experience.

Wisdom and Wise Decisions

There is a belief that if a tarantula falls on your head, it signifies the blessing of divine wisdom on you.

Your actions will become confident and steady, you will understand complex situations, and you will become competent at offering intelligent solutions to problems.

Some believe that the tarantula represents higher knowledge, so working with this spirit animal can help you unlock untapped wisdom.

tarantula symbolism

Hard Work

Tarantulas, like many other spiders, are very hard workers, so if you’re resonating with tarantula symbolism it can be a sign that you’ve been working very hard or that more hard work is needed right now – depending on your circumstances.

The spiritual meaning of tarantulas is associated with the need for you to achieve your goals and for you to work consistently towards them.

It is an invitation to materialise your ideas into the world. It would be best if you acted on your plans soon to see them to fruition.

Swift Action

Tarantulas are fast – they strike and rarely miss. Tarantula symbolism is therefore associated with your need to take swift action.

If there’s something you are looking to achieve, now is the time to grab it with both hands.

Mother Energy

The tarantula is an excellent mother to her offspring. She is very defensive and guards the egg sacs ferociously, and will turn the eggs often to help them develop well.

They have been documented to catch prey and feed it to their young, sharing it like a family meal.

This can represent the mother energy you embody with your family and loved ones.

If you are looking to start a family, the tarantula may enter your spirit team – but this isn’t anything to worry about. This is a positive sign – the tarantula is encouraging your mother instinct.

How To Work With Your Tarantula Spirit Animal

If you have a tarantula as a spirit guide, you can see both the light and dark sides of situations and people. You are not afraid of the dark or facing complex challenges. You have the courage to confront your fears head-on.

Here are some suggestions for connecting with a tarantula spirit guide:

  • Try meditating and focusing on the tarantula’s energy. Spend time imagining yourself surrounded by the creature, letting its power and wisdom flow over you.
  • You could also create an altar with items representing the symbolism of tarantulas, such as stones, feathers, or even a small figurine.
  • Finally, keep your eyes open for signs in your day-to-day life; these could come in the form of certain words, images, or messages that remind you of tarantulas.

The most important thing is to be respectful and humble when working with any spirit guide, but especially with a powerful and unpredictable spirit animal like the tarantula.

spiritual meaning of tarantula in dreams

Tarantula Dream Meaning Explained

Dreams about tarantulas can be interpreted in a number of ways depending on the context.

Generally, they symbolise positive actions like transformation or new beginnings.

Tarantulas can also be a protective symbol, helping to ward off evil spirits.

It is said that when the tarantula spirit animal appears in your dreams, powerful women are present in your life. They can be either caring and encouraging or a threat; your response is up to you.

Suppose you dream of being bitten by a tarantula. In that case, it could suggest that you feel threatened or intimidated by someone or something in your waking life.

You may feel trapped in your circumstances, such as in your career and in a relationship. You may need to remove yourself from a problematic situation to ponder your next move. Looking at it from a different perspective provides new insights.

Things may not be as they seem, and you are advised not to take things at face value and instead look beyond to see what’s really going on.

Final Thoughts

The tarantula spirit animal is an unusual one and not a guide that most people would be eager to call on. But, if you can put your fear aside, this creature can be a powerful spiritual ally.

Tarantulas represent both the light and the dark in life – the Yin and the Yang. We can’t enjoy the light without the dark.

The spiritual meaning of tarantulas is also related to achieving your goals through hard work, having patience in life, and learning to use your intuition and foresight.