A Guide To The Violet Flame Healing Process

The violet flame is a natural healing gift that we can all access. It represents an opportunity to renew yourself spiritually whenever you feel down. Misconceptions about the violet flame are bound because of what you may have seen in movies. The true violet flame has nothing to do with portions and physical flame, rather, it is symbolic. Let’s look into this a little more:

Violet Flame Healing

The violet flame represents that innate energy reserved in you for cleansing and healing purposes. A consuming fire within that does not burn but purifies whatever it comes in contact with. There are many ways you can work with energy for healing and to free yourself from the negativity that so many of us.

Freedom and harmony can be obtained by getting in touch with the violet flame and it’s magical qualities. It is known as a spiritual fire of self-transformation and it is an ancient healing tool.

What Is The Violet Flame?

Flashing back to the oldest days, fire has always been a source of heat, light through the dark, and also a means of protection from danger and enemies. Although fire has its downsides, it was also used as a tool for rebirth and transformation. Violet colours are the shortest wavelength and have the highest frequency to attract positive energy anywhere it comes through. So, a violet flame is known as a flame of transmutation or the flame of freedom.

However, it is called several other names across the world. It is a symbol and form of imagery that can be used as an element during the journey into spirituality.

The violet flame is a technique for healing broken souls. It uses two essential tools: its sound and the healing properties of its colour.

It has the ability to cleanse problems that bother you spiritually. These problems may include: jealousy, anger, negative thoughts, non-forgiveness etc.

Although the healing powers of the violet flame are very real, most people struggle to understand it because it requires visualization through the spiritual eyes. It can be seen as flames ranging from dark indigo to blue to violet-pink.

How Does the Violet Flame Work?

Although we can’t know for certain how the violent flame works, we can be sure that it is based upon energy. It is believed that everything is made up of vibrating energies of different frequencies. Emotions, thoughts, and desires come with unique vibrations. The violent flame is the highest frequency because it has the most power. It helps make your soul light and also appears to those that have developed their spiritual vision.

It is a ray of light with seven unique attributes: freedom, alchemy, justice, transmutation, joy, mercy, and peace. The violent flame transforms all the negative energy you possess within you into positive energy. This flame heals the wounded mind, soul, and body and helps you in all areas of life, making life a lot easier and dissolving karma.

How To Use The Violet Flame

As a spiritual tool, the violet flame is available to anyone who wants to open up to it.

Here are two main steps you can take to use the violet flame:

Violet Flame Meditation

Sit in a comfortable and quiet environment. It can be your room or living room as long as there is no one to disturb you. Set positive intentions and say these words ‘I want to experience the violet flame’. Hold the phrase in your mind’s eye, reflect on it and repeat it as necessary. Focus too on the areas of your life that need healing and let the violet flame help you.

Allow yourself to drift into a meditative state, feeling your body become as light as air. Anything that is in the spirit is all yours so, this means it’s inside you. All you need to do is embrace and release. Let the energy radiate through your whole being.

Now, imagine beautiful rays of violet light surrounding you slowly – there is no rush. Allow it to envelope you, extending above, behind, and around you. Imagine it coming right into your heart chakra, filling you with positivity. Start to envision the world around you in purple hues, all protected and healed through the violet flame power.

When you’re ready, slowly wake up your consciousness – moving your fingers and then the rest of your body. And feel the energy of the violet flame stay with you – bringing wonderful positivity.