Seagull Symbolism: Seagull Spiritual Meaning And Dream Meaning Explained

If you have ever been to the seaside, I am sure you have heard the loud, persistent calls of these white scavenging birds – seagulls.

And while most people find them an annoyance, they serve an important purpose and they actually carry spiritual symbolism.

Seagull Symbolism Seagull Spiritual Meaning And Dream Meaning Explained

Have you ever thought about the spiritual meaning of seagulls?

Well, seagulls, like other birds, are believed to be divine messengers. They are believed to carry messages from angelic realms.

The spiritual meaning of seagulls is about strength, perseverance, adaptability, and opportunities.

Receiving signs and synchronicities about seagulls indicate that you are missing an opportunity.

You may be nervous, scared, or too restricted in your comfort zone. Seagull symbolism encourages you to push your boundaries and pursue your desires to the best of your abilities.

Let’s learn more about seagull symbolism below.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Seagull?

Seagulls are intelligent, opportunistic, arrogant, and territorial – just like human beings.

Many people dislike them because of their loud and obstreperous voices, but sometimes we need to look at their behaviour and how it compares to our own.

Seagulls are more like us than we know.

They are highly competitive, often killing the young ones of their colony for food.

Seagulls represent evolution at its worst and best.

The spiritual meaning of seagulls is not about humility, kindness, or compassion.

They are vicious, loud, and bold.

They represent perseverance, self-expression, and rebellion.

Let’s dive deeper into the spiritual meaning of seagulls.

Seagull Spiritual Meaning


Seagulls represent survival. They are resilient birds who fight vehemently for what they what.

Giving up is not an option for them. Seagulls are as cruel as humans can be. But, they are much more resilient than us when it comes to fighting for what they want.

Most humans are arrogant about their own demise. But, when it comes to the things we need to fight for, we give up at the first sign of trouble.

We demonize ambition, stigmatize desires, and think that is what makes us sophisticated.

Then, we wage wars for causes more frivolous than a seagull killing a friend for trespassing an inch of its territory.

Seagulls fight for survival. They kill for food. They are unbelievably resilient when it comes to fighting for what they want.

Seagull symbolism teaches us to be as strong, bold, and demanding as we need to be when working towards our goals.


Seagulls have a sophisticated system through with they signal danger, call their mates, and initiate fights.

They are much more intelligent than we think they are.

Seagull spiritual meaning is about voicing our opinion, even if others do not like what we have to say.

Life is short. If you waste your time trying to please others, you will never be able to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Seagulls teach us to be as bold as we need to be.

The seagull spirit animal also encourages you to express yourself fearlessly.

Take some time to think about what you want the most. Make a list of resources that you can utilize to manifest it.

Another thing that I want you to understand is that communication is not just about expressing yourself.

It is also about listening to what others have to say. Most people forget about this part of the equation.

Communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships.

We, like seagulls, communicate in many ways. Sometimes, even the loudest of your words can fail to make a difference.

Silence, however, can also scream more vociferously than words.

Your words do not just impact how others perceive you. They also affect how they respond to you.

Unconditional Love

Seagulls, like human beings, mate for life. They live together until one of the partners dies.

Both male and female seagulls incubate their egg. They also build their nest and take care of the young ones together.

While the male partner brings the food, the female protects the chicks from predators.

The spiritual meaning of seagulls is about equality, unity and oneness.

It is about the union of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies. For some people, this can talk about the Twin Flame union.

Others may see this energy as the union of the creator and the created.

The seagull spirit animal also teaches us that we do not need to be perfect to be loved.

True love is unconditional, unbiased and effortless.

The only thing that makes love complicated is our incessant insecurities, self-created illusions, and faulty belief systems.

You deserve love, regardless of your messy hair and painful past.

If someone is meant to be with you, they will love you for who you really are.

Pretending to be perfect may make you feel better about yourself. But, this is not how you want to start a new relationship.

Seagull symbolism is about not forcing relationships with people who expect you to be someone else for them.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Seagull


Seagulls are nothing but resourceful. They can eat a variety of insects, plants, crabs, worms, and even other birds.

They also steal food from dustbins. While you don’t need to eat worms or steal food, the seagull spiritual animal does teach you to be creative.

There will hardly be a time when you have everything you want. But, if you start looking at the bigger picture, you will notice that you always have what you need to manifest more.

You may not have everything you need to be successful. But, you will always have ample to get to the next level.

The spiritual meaning of seagulls is also about being grateful for where we are, where we can be, and everything we have to get there.

Gratitude is the only surefire way to manifest abundance. It is also the one resource you have if everything(or everyone) else fails you.


Seagulls, like all other birds, represent divine wisdom. They teach us to always have an eye for the bigger picture in life.

We don’t need to worry about uncovering the mysteries of life. But, we do need to understand why things happen and figure out our role in how events unfold.

Seagulls teach us to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and make better decisions in life.

Fight For Your Goals

Seagulls are boisterous creatures. They are everything but quiet.

Not only are they vocal about what they want, but they also fight tooth and nail for it.

If a seagull wants something, it either gets it or dies trying. It can even resort to killing.

While you don’t need to die for your goals, a little ambition will definitely take you a long way.

As I mentioned, giving up is not an option for a seagull.

The spiritual meaning of seagulls is to pursue your dreams, regardless of how long the journey may be.

Some things are worth fighting for. Your passion is one of them.

New Opportunities

Seagulls also encourage us to create new opportunities while pursuing our goals.

Don’t just wait for the universe to drop what you want in your lap. Use the resources that you have to manifest the ones you need.

Success is a journey. It doesn’t come overnight. Give yourself the time you need to reach where you want to be.


All birds represent freedom. Seagulls, on the other hand, encourage us to set ourselves free.

Never let society tell you who you need to be. It is time to see yourself as who you really are.

It’s okay to push your boundaries and explore the world. To learn from your mistakes, you first need to make them.

Take some time to think about what freedom means to you. Try to set yourself freer every day.

Working With The Seagull Spirit Animal

It is not easy to work with a seagull spirit animal.

The seagull spirit animal will challenge you to dive deeper into your psyche and embrace your wilderness more and more every day.

To work with the seagull as a spirit animal, start a log of how you feel in every situation.

Learn to celebrate all your feelings, including jealousy, hurt, anger, and possessiveness.

Humans are fallible. We don’t need to pretend otherwise.

It’s okay to make mistakes.

Seagull spirit animals also teach us to embrace our physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual needs.

Seagull Dream Meaning

Seagull Dream Meaning Explained

Seagulls don’t usually show up in dreams.

If you are dreaming about them, they likely want to convey a message from your spirit guides and angels.

Seagulls are symbolic of strength, perseverance, and resourcefulness.

The shadow side of this energy is poverty consciousness and lack of mentality.

Seeing seagulls in your dreams can indicate that you always focus on what you don’t (or can’t) have.

You need to learn how to celebrate the resources that you do have.

Seagulls in a dream also represent your connection to the angelic world.

The dream meaning of seagulls can be about awakening to higher knowledge and wisdom.

Spiritual knowledge is always available to us. But, we are usually too occupied with our jobs or love lives to focus on the spiritual elements of life.

If your relationship is struggling, seeing a seagull in your dream can mean that there is someone else destined to be with you. This relationship needs to end for them to enter your life.

The spiritual meaning of seagulls is also about emotional healing. This is because of seagulls’ connection with the sea and the bodies of water.

Only your intuition can confirm what seeing seagulls in your dreams mean.

Finally, seagulls represent your undying love and unwavering passion for yourself and others more than anything else.

Final Thoughts

The seagull spirit animal is a challenging one and, at first glance, you may not think this bird holds much meaning but you would be very wrong.

Seagull symbolism is all about resilience and fighting for what you want in life.

Remember to communicate clearly and try to have a little perspective about what is happening to you.