Treat Yourself! How To Do A Tarot Birthday Spread

Your birthday is a day of celebration.

You celebrate completing one more year on this planet and the growth that the past year has brought you.

birthday tarot spread

You also celebrate the valuable lessons that life has taught you and the blessings that await you in the next year.

In addition to all the celebrations, your birthday is also a day for reflection and insights.

This is why so many people spend their special day contemplating where they are in life and where they want to be next.

If you find yourself in the same boat, doing a birthday tarot reading is the best way to get the answers you seek.

It’s fun and you can get a lot of clarity about your life.

It can also inspire you to start the next year of your life with passion and zest.

So let’s find out how best to do a birthday tarot reading.

How To Do A Birthday Tarot Reading

Here, I will talk about a common birthday tarot spread that tarot readers use all the time. It’s quite easy to do and you can get a lot of insights from this spread.

But before you start with your reading, make sure you shuffle your deck of cards. Shuffling is important to connect with your cards, ready for the forthcoming reading.

It also gives you a chance to program them with your intention.

There are many ways you can shuffle your cards. And you can do it in whatever way you like the most. There are no rights or wrongs. All you have to do is ensure a random deck of cards.

Once you’ve done this, you can begin with your reading.

The Five-Card Spread

This birthday tarot spread provides you with an overall look for the past year as well as the next year.

It can help you understand where you have been, and what you hope for the future.

To do this spread, simply draw out five cards from the deck and place them one by one from your left to right.

Then, pick up each card (starting from the left) and try to interpret its meaning. Let the card speak to you and go deep within its message.

Here’s what each card will represent:

i) The previous year in highlights

The leftmost card will represent a bird’s eye view of the last year.

In other words, it will tell you the overall theme of the previous year. This will help you understand what you have been doing and how the trajectory of your life has been shaped recently.

For example, if you pick “The Chariot” card, that would mean that you’ve spent the past year trying to get back in control of your life.

You might have used your sheer willpower to direct your life in the direction you want.

While you’re trying to understand the meaning of this card, try looking at the past year from a higher vantage point.

ii) The lessons learned in the previous year

This second card from your left builds on top of the previous one. It tells you about the lessons you have learned in the previous year.

This is quite an insightful card because it reminds you of how much you have grown despite your troubles. It reminds you that you are strong and can take on any challenges in life.

For instance, if you pulled out the “The Tower” card, this means that you have been through a lot of upheavals. Even your pride might have been shattered.

Spend some time going over these past events while you contemplate this card. And try to figure out what lessons you can learn from them.

iii) Your main wish for the year ahead

This middle card is where we switch our attention to the year ahead.

This card will represent your inner desires, wishes, hopes, aspirations, and needs.

Don’t get surprised if this card reveals something that you might not have expected. Sometimes, we have desires in our subconscious mind that we do not know about or understand consciously.

So, try to think long and hard about this card and what it means.

Let’s say, you pick the “The Lovers” card. This might mean you want to get into a romantic relationship with someone. It could also mean that you want to explore your sexuality more.

birthday tarot reading

iv) What will help you reach your goals

This is straightforward. This card represents all those things, people, and situations that will help you achieve the desires that you identified with the previous card.

Try to identify as many things as possible that will be of help in your journey.

You should actually write about them so that you don’t forget them later on.

In the next year, whenever you feel like you’re not making any progress toward your desire, you can just remind yourself of this card.

That will help you reach out to the right people, think about the right ideas, take the necessary steps, and so on.

v) What could stop you from reaching your goals

This card represents exactly what you think it represents. It tells you about the challenges you will face along the way and the deadends you might encounter.

Do not be deterred by what this card tells you. On the contrary, you should feel happy that you have some knowledge about the potential challenges in advance.

This can help you prepare yourself and make the necessary changes or take the right steps so that the journey can become a lot easier.

For instance, if you pick the “The Devil” card, this could tell you that your addictions or playfulness will hinder your progress.

If that’s the case, you can start working on your addictions immediately and become more sincere and serious about your goals.

Another Tarot Birthday Spread Method

If you want a little more insight and would prefer a month-by-month view of the year ahead, simply draw 12 cards from the deck.

Treat each card as a representation of the coming months, starting with the month immediately after your birthday month.

Learn how to do a tarot card reading for self-love.

Final Thoughts

Doing a birthday tarot reading is a fun and insightful way to understand where you are in your life and where you are potentially headed.

On this special day of yours, you should treat yourself with some clarity and take steps to shape your life the way you want.

The above tarot birthday spread is the perfect way to do so!