The Spiritual Meaning of Bears

Do you know who is going to help you find your way back home when you find yourself stuck on a dead-end? The energetic, compassionate, and protective bear is going to swing by to catch you when you fall, help you at crossroads and fill you up with the strength you need to pull yourself back up.

By attuning to the energies of the divine bear, you can become a great warrior because bear symbolism brings with it endurance and power. The energy of the bear also forms a spiritual roadmap that will help find your way to your inner calm and stillness when you meditate.

The bear, although ferocious, also represents a kind of childlike innocence, compassion, tolerance as well as strength, compassion and protection – plus many more wonderful traits.

Bears have both frightened and been adored by humans for a long time and they have long since been associated with spiritual energy and diving power – often featuring in totems and as animal spirit guides.

What Does The Bear Symbolize?

As mentioned above, the spiritual meaning of bears is vast. The context in which a bear comes to you will also be very important. Let’s look at some of the most common interpretations of bear symbolism:

Keep the Child in You Alive

Bears are curious creatures and like to explore their environment like no other creature. They love to try new things and look around to observe the different aspects present in their surrounding.  Although bears are super intelligent and serious, and know how to work their way out in the wild with their aggressive characteristic, they are also naturally playful and childlike.

If a bear comes to you as a spirit guide, it is reminding you that life is not just about working and making money to survive. You should explore the world, do what you like, be curious, and follow your dreams. Take the time to enjoy yourself and learn what’s going on outside of your daily routine, or even outside of your comfort zone.

Practice Unbreakable Patience

Grizzly bears spend a lot of time searching for food while polar bears go in for the kill with no plan. Your bear spirit guide gently prompts you that no matter how hard you want to achieve your goal, it is patience and perseverance that will help you get what you want.

Furthermore, bear symbolism reminds you to sharpen your skills and remember that new beginnings and leveraging new abilities take both time and practice.

The bear totem reminds you to be open-minded. The main element is to keep walking on your path and keep trying new things and seizing opportunities as they arise.

A bear may also present itself to you to act as a warning to never make excuses when an opportunity presents itself no matter how difficult things get.

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Powers That Know No Bounds

The strong demeanour of the bear is no secret but despite their size, they are quick on their feet and have the strength and agility to move quickly through their habitat.

Their incredible source of power goes far beyond just their physical appearance though. Bears are one of the most intelligent creatures on the planet. They survive in the wild, in some of the most difficult conditions, thanks to the formidable combination of their physical strength and cleverness, topped by their ability to stand up to and fight back against anything and everything they are faced with. 

When you begin to see bear energy in your life, know that the Universe is asking you to step into your power, realize that you’re a source of unstoppable will and you have all of the innate abilities you need to survive and achieve anything your heart desires.

Your bear spirit animal is asking you to seek the answers within to find the courage and the strength you’ve been looking for in the external world.

Protect Your Tribe

Bears are extremely protective; a mother bear can and will do anything to protect her cubs. A male bear will fight to the death to protect what is his – whether that’s to protect mating rights, food or territory. Courage and protection for their loved ones are in their blood. 

Connecting with bear symbolism reminds you to do your best to protect the things you love and those dear to you. Your bear guide nudges you to trust in the Universe, keep believing in your dreams, keep sending positive energies to your goals and your visions for the future.

Cuddling Is For Everyone

You might wonder why the favoured teddy bear is based on such a strong and ferocious animal. Well the spiritual meaning of a bear extends far beyond just its strength.

Bears understand that while being their strong self is what will allow them to survive in the world, it’s also important to show a softer side and enjoy quality time with teh family unit. Bears enjoy cuddling and being gentle and compassionate with cubs and mates. 

A bear may have entered your totem to remind you that it’s okay to show a more sensitive side or to encourage you to show those around you just how much they mean to you – either via your words or by holding them close. The bear also reminds us to show ourselves some compassion and indulge in self-love, be empathetic and possess positive qualities that are full of love and light.

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Dreaming of Bears: Meaning

If you’ve recently had a dream about a bear, know that it is a sign. Bears come to us in our dream world to bring messages, so let’s dive deep into the meaning of your dream:

Dream About Hunting A Bear

When you dream about hunting down a bear, or witnessing a hunting bear, it signifies successful undertakings and achieving goals in real life. This dream symbolizes that you are looking for something that you desire and that you’re soon going to manifest it in the material world.

Dream Of An Injured Bear or A Trapped Bear

If you have a dream of a sick or injured bear it might be a bad omen. It symbolizes problems and barriers in your life. You may be feeling confined or limited by a situation that you need to escape from.

Dream Of A Talking Bear

As we have mentioned, bears are wise and intelligent animals. If you have a dream of a talking bear you should pay attention to what they are saying. Your bear totem might have a message for you and can provide you with good advice which will help you in the future.

The Bear As A Spirit Animal or Totem

Bears bring energy into the physical world just like us. You should try to learn more about their traits and about bear symbolism if you feel that you have a special connection with them, so that they can help you to understand your mission and get you closer to your life purpose. Animals are the earthly manifestation of something greater in the Universe, just like us. They can teach us, guide us as well as help us on our life path and on our soul journey.

You need to pay attention and try to understand them beyond their physical aspects. The spirit animal bear is a powerful force in the lives of the people who choose it. Spiritually, the bear represents the courage to grow and the ability to open up. A bear reminds us to trust our intuitions and protect our beliefs at all costs. 

Bears have been adored through time as a strong spirit animals, and have been inspiring those in need of courage to stand up to adversity. Bears are in touch with the elements of the earth, the cycles of nature, calling on your bear totem can help you to elevate energetic frequencies, and support physical and emotional healing.