The 10 Best Crystals For Mediums, Psychics, and Other Spirit Workers

Crystals are powerful objects that take thousands or even millions of years to form.

They get their powers from the various natural forces that shape them over time. And the way they are formed dictates their unique capabilities.

best crystals for mediums

Whether you want to heal yourself physically, attract wealth, enhance your meditation, manifest your desires, unblock your chakras, or whatever else, you will probably find a ton of crystals for your specific needs.

Even though there are hundreds of use cases for crystals, perhaps the most popular one is to enhance one’s spiritual powers.

This is why so many mediums, psychics, healers, tarot readers, and other spirit workers like me include crystals in their practice.

If you are a spiritual worker and have been looking for crystals for psychics or mediums, that’s exactly what I am going to talk about in this article.

Crystals For Psychics – My Top Picks

1) Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is an obvious choice and a good place to start this list.

This crystal is a popular stone that heightens your mystical abilities. And it does that by working on your throat chakra.

As a spiritual worker, you must already be aware of how important your throat chakra is for your energy work.

It is a potent source of one’s mystical powers and gives you unbridled access to the spirit realm.

Blue lace agate is also known to improve your concentration and peace of mind, both of which are prerequisites to receiving messages from higher dimensions.

2) Clear Quartz

This simple crystal looks soft and gentle in appearance, but don’t let that fool you. It is one of the best crystals for mediums and spirit workers.

It is a well-known crystal for opening up your crown chakra. As you may already know, this is the most mystical chakra in the human body that can allow us to access any spiritual dimension in existence.

Plus, clear quartz (as the name suggests) provides you with unimaginable mental clarity.

This makes it much easier for you to perceive spiritual messages, and your intuition becomes much sharper.

This crystal is a great part of your spiritual toolkit as it can also be used to heal various mental and physical ailments, and you can also use it to cleanse your other crystals or even your tarot cards.

3) Amethyst

This is another obvious choice when it comes to mystical powers. Amethyst is perhaps the most popular crystal for the third eye and crown chakras.

These chakras are associated with transcendence and supernatural abilities. And if you open them up using amethyst, accessing and interacting with the spiritual plane will become second nature to you.

You will become blessed with otherworldly wisdom and perception.

So, for example, if you are a medium, you will be able to communicate with spirits much more easily.

Your other psychic gifts may also become enhanced.

4) Satin Spar

Satin Spar, which is commonly sold under the name Selenite, is another white crystal that is widely used in spiritual circles.

Like amethyst, it is also connected to the third eye and crown chakras.

It is primarily used to illuminate one’s energy body to prepare it to interact with higher realms.

It is also commonly used to initiate lucid dreaming.

Obviously, this also makes it one of the best crystals for mediums and psychics.

It can boost one’s spiritual connection and intuition. It also blesses the user with clarity and openness.

As with clear quartz, satin spar is a great cleanser and can be used to cleanse your chakras, other crystals, and objects.

5) Azurite

One look at this stone, and you’ll immediately realize that it holds incredible power just waiting to be unleashed.

For a long time now, azurite has been used by psychics to take their abilities to the next level.

This stone balances and opens up your third eye chakra and makes it much easier for you to receive divine guidance.

The same process also allows you to interact with the spirit plane and perceive realities that are beyond the reach of everyone else.

6) Labradorite

Labradorite is another one of those stones whose appearance instantly communicates its extraordinary power and this is one of my favourite stones to use when working with spirit.

What’s truly amazing about this particular stone is that it is associated with the third eye, crown, and throat chakras.

Can you imagine the type of mystical abilities you can open up or enhance by using this stone?

If done properly, it can help you become a master psychic. No wonder labradorite is considered one of the best crystals for mediums.

I also like to use this stone when doing reiki healings as I find it great for dispelling negative energies while also providing a grounding effect.

7) Lapis Lazuli

This mystical stone is all about growing your awareness and boosting your perception. It can help balance and open up your third eye and throat chakras.

When this happens, you become more adept at sensing the presence of spiritual beings around you.

You also become much better at communicating with them and grasping their guidance and messages.

What’s more, lapis lazuli also makes you much wiser as a person. So, it enables you to use your psychic powers consciously and for the greater good.

8) Fluorite

There is no doubt that fluorite is one of the prettiest crystals to exist on the planet. But did you know that it also happens to be one of the most psychically active?

Like other crystals and stones on this list, it enhances your spiritual powers and makes you much more capable as a psychic or medium.

But where this crystal shines the most is with its ability to align you with your spiritual flow.

This means you become aligned with the core of your being and life’s purpose.

This helps you tap into your latent psychic powers and become a much better spiritual worker.

9) Kyanite

Everything in the universe is made up of the same energy. It’s just that different objects, realms, and dimensions have different frequencies.

This is where kyanite comes in. This beautiful crystal is known as the gemstone of attunement.

As such, it helps you connect to its high-vibrational frequencies and enables you to access dimensions that might be beyond your current reach.

This makes it one of the most effective crystals for psychics.

10) Obsidian

You might wonder how obsidian could possibly help you as a psychic or energy worker. Well, hear me out.

Psychic work involves dealing with different energies and entities. It involves venturing into the unknown and expanding your natural abilities.

This journey can be a bit daunting at times and if you lack confidence or fear for your safety, you might never explore your gifts completely.

This is where obsidian comes in. It boosts your sense of security by protecting you from negative energies of all kinds. I never do a ghost hunt without having this crystal to hand.

This opens you up to exploring the spiritual realm and doing what you were meant to do.

This is also a powerful grounding stone, so when you’ve spent time dealing with other realms, you can ensure you are back down to earth by using obsidian.

Final Thoughts

Crystals can really enhance your abilities and connections as a spirit worker. But they can also keep you well protected, which is essential when dealing with other realms and beings.

The list above contains some of the best crystals for mediums and many of these are a firm staple of my work.

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