A Complete Guide To White Calcite: Meaning And Uses

Holding this beautiful crystal in your palm can feel like you just may have a piece of the moon itself there.

Not just spectacular in appearance, White Calcite holds excellent cleansing properties and can help us in many ways on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level.

White Calcite Uses

Read on to find out how you can use White Calcite to help enhance your spiritual growth whilst also keeping negative energies at bay.

White Calcite Meaning

White Calcite is well known as being a cleansing stone with powers to encourage new beginnings.

This crystal carries links to the Crown Chakra. So, if you are experiencing symptoms of this Chakra being blocked, such as headaches, difficulty focusing, and low mood, it would be recommended that you use White Calcite when trying to open the Sahasrara Chakra.

White Calcite Properties


This stunning stone can be found in shades ranging from pearly white to light grey. The translucency of this crystal varies from transparent to opaque.

White Calcite is known as Iceland Spar, Clear Calcite or Optical Calcite when its appearance is transparent.

Due to its appearance, you’d be mistaken for confusing this with Satin Spar or Clear Quartz.

Mineral Composition

Just like other forms of Calcite, White Calcite has a chemical formula of CaCO3.

This means that it is composed of calcium, carbon, and oxygen.


On the Mohs hardness scale, White Calcite rates as a 3. This means that it is easy to scratch and damage, so care must be taken when handling and using this crystal.

Countries Of Origin

White Calcite is mostly found in Mexico. However, Optical Calcite has been found more frequently in Iceland, which is why it came to be known as Iceland Spar.

Zodiac Signs

If any of your Big 3 signs (Sun, Moon, or Rising) are in Cancer, then the benefits of White Calcite would be even greater for you, as this is the stone of this sign.

Associated Chakras

As I have touched upon, this Calcite crystal is linked to the Crown Chakra.

If you are working on opening up this chakra, introducing White Calcite into your spiritual work would be helpful.

Ruling Planet

As with many (but not all) other variations of Calcite, Venus is the ruling planet of White Calcite.

Associated Element

The element of Air is associated with White Calcite. Therefore, if you are having difficulties connecting to spirit or are looking to enhance your meditation, look no further than this crystal.

white calcite properties

Physical Properties Of White Calcite

There are many fantastic physical healing properties associated with White Calcite. I’ll share some of the most common ones in more depth below:

  1. If you are trying to detox your body, White Calcite can provide great benefits. It is known to detoxify and cleanse the body, so using this would support any regime that you are undergoing.
  2. White Calcite can help if you are struggling with headaches and migraines, which can be symptoms of a blocked Crown Chakra.
  3. Struggling with insomnia? Try using White Calcite in your nighttime meditation and try to place it somewhere safe nearby when you are in bed.
  4. If you are feeling sluggish and struggling with your energy levels, it would be wise to invest in this stone. It is inexpensive yet powerful and can help you feel more vibrant.

Metaphysical Properties Of White Calcite

Now I’ve explained how White Calcite can help your physical health, let’s find out the benefits this crystal can offer to your spiritual and mental health:

  1. Using White Calcite when you are experiencing low mood can be helpful. As we have discovered, low mood can be a sign of a blocked Crown Chakra. Therefore, using this crystal can be helpful when trying to lift your mood and can help to alleviate the symptoms that are often linked to this, including changes in motivation, energy levels, and outlook on life.
  2. Look no further than White Calcite if you are looking for ways to enhance meditation. By placing this stone on your altar or wearing it as a piece of jewellery on your person, this stone can be a powerful tool to help you achieve mental clarity whilst promoting a deeper state of relaxation.
  3. If you are looking to enhance your connection to spirit and have been looking at how you can develop the power of your intuition, this crystal can help. Not only will White Calcite deepen your spiritual connections and open up the energy channels, but it will also cleanse any negative energies that may be floating around and can protect you during your spiritual work.
  4. If you yearn for a calmer state of mind and struggle with intrusive thoughts, then White Calcite would be worth exploring. Placing this crystal in your home, on your altar, or on your person can help to alleviate worries as well as helping you to achieve more balance both mentally and spiritually.
  5. Wanting to delve into your past life or looking to explore past life regression to help in healing trauma? White Calcite can support your recollection of events whilst also helping to promote healing on a deep soul level. Using this crystal when undergoing any work on past lives will certainly provide benefits, whilst also absorbing and deflecting any negative energies that may arise during such work.
  6. When you are telling the Universe what it is that your heart desires, this stone will help you to manifest what you are hoping to. This stone that carries associations with new beginnings will help you to be clear when setting out what you want from the Universe and ensure that you attract abundance and joy.

White Calcite FAQs

Where Should White Calcite Be Placed In A House?

This really depends on the purpose; if you’re using White Calcite to help with sleep or head pain, you may want to work with it in the bedroom.
If you do your meditation in the living room, then place your White Calcite there.

White Calcite Price – Is It An Expensive Crystal?

No, much like the rest of the Calcite family, this crystal is fairly inexpensive.

How Do You Identify White Calcite?

White Calcite can be identified by its softness and its gentle white pearlescent appearance. It can be either opaque or transparent.

Final Thoughts

White Calcite is a gorgeous member of the Calcite family that can be used for cleansing, connecting with spirit, unblocking your Crown Chakra and much more.

Remember to take care when storing and cleansing this crystal – it has many excellent uses, but proper care must be taken to keep this fragile crystal in good condition.